Doctor Who: the trailer of the eleventh season


Published on Sep 20, 2018


The BBC has released the final trailer for the new season of Doctor Who, the eleventh, and the first with a woman in the role of the Doctor, or Jodie Whittaker:

Remember that the new Doctor is not the only change that there will be next season, in fact, be succeeded by a new showrunner Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) who will replace Steven Moffat.

The christmas special will close out the arc of the Twelfth Doctor. “And of course you'll get Peter Capaldi in the latest interpretation of the Doctor,” says Moffat. “He will break your heart!” “It will be in pieces at the end of all of this.”

Moffat has also promised the introduction of the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

She also praised her interpretation, which sees the dawn of a new era for Doctor Who.

“I have seen the first real scene of Jodie in the role of the Doctor,” said Moffat, “and believe me, we are in the pipeline for a trip to thrill. It is already brilliant. In a moment, so small, gave us the Doctor who we know and love from always, but, to say the least, in a whole new way. We are in the home stretch of arrival for a race that's really amazing.”

Doctor Who: the trailer of the eleventh season of




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