Doctor Who: out of Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall?


Published on Nov 22, 2018


These are hard times for the historic series Doctor Who. The eleventh season, currently airing, is not receiving the acclaim of critics and the public in recent years have marked the series, which also enjoys a fan base is extremely loyal.

The first signs of problems in the processing of the series would be to find one another in the absence of the traditional Christmas Special indication of a certain contrast, according to the website Starburst, between the showrunner Chris Chibnall and the BBC.

The basis of these contrasts would be the excessive interference of the issuer in the choice of the showrunner/writer including the request from the network to get with a year of advance plans for the Twelfth Season.

Apparently the situation would have degenerated, and the two parties would have reached an agreement that sees Chibnall leave the series at the end of 2019 – and then with the next season – of which, however, will not be showrunner, but he would have only written about half of the episodes. The BBC is reportedly already moving to find a new showrunner.

But it would not be the only tile on the series. The protagonist Jodie Whittaker, the first doctor we ever met with a mixture of anxiety and enthusiasm by the fans and by the public opinion, would have expressed the desire to leave the series with Chibnall, with whom she shares a solid working relationship started on the series Broadchurch.

These are rumors and speculation, which, of course, there is not yet a confirmation, stay tuned for updates.

Doctor Who: out of Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall? is




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