Doctor Who: new episodes are longer, and the new TARDIS coming


Published on Oct 09, 2017


In addition to the already announced arrival of Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth doctor (and the first female doctor), there will also be changes to some objects of the scene and the episodes themselves.

The showrunner-elect Chris Chibnall will bring changes to the look inside of the TARDIS and will also be updated the sonic screwdriver.

Not only that, the episodes will become longer and will last for an hour each, instead of the 45 minutes you are used to. This will result in a lower number of episodes per season: in fact the 12/13 episodes, it will drop to 10 episodes.

According to the statements of a member of the production, when it takes over a new showrunner: “you move things to leave their mark. Chris is not one who leaves things half-way. Expect something new and brilliant, there will be many stories set in the past, in historical times, as well as in the future.”

The season 11 will be aired in the autumn of 2018. This season marks undoubtedly a significant turning point for the series BBC the most acclaimed of recent years.

Waiting for the next season, is coming in the Christmas special titled " Twice Upon a Time, where the current doctor Peter Capaldi will transfer the baton to the new doctor.

Source: The Mirror

Doctor Who: new episodes are longer, and the new TARDIS in the arrival of




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