Doctor Doom: Mads Mikkelsen would take the role!

Published on Aug 01, 2017

Mads Mikkelsen, after the experience in Doctor Strange, he would like to return to a role as a villain in a cinecomic, pointing at Doctor Doom!

Having starred in the role of Kaecilius must have made a good impress to Mads Mikkelsen, seen who has not hidden his desire to assume the role of a villain in a cinecomic, even pointing to one of the bad guys of the house of Marvel's most well known and loved by the public at large: Victor von Doom, Doctor Doom. Mikkelsen has revealed how in the past he has tried to get to the part by making an audition for Fantastic Four, Josh Trank (Mads, but in the neck of a bottle which I have taken, give me the straight line!), although he never revealed which role he auditioned. Whereas Mikkelsen looks back on a fruitful series of interpretations of the villains, Le Chiffre in Casino Royale up to the sublime Hannibal Lecter movie Hannibal, it is difficult not to suppose that the actor was struggling with Doctor Doom.

It will not have been part of the horrible Fantastic Four, but Mikkelsen has offered a good Kaecilis in Doctor Strange, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch (who will return as Stephen Strange in Thor: Ragnarok). However, now you may have the opportunity to play his beloved Victor von Doom. We know that the executive producer of the Legion, Noah Hawley, is working on a film solitaire of Dr. Destiny, even if it has not confirmed if lead or not to the project. Of course, one of the first questions was about who would have played the dictator of Latveria

Last week, during an interview with Screen Geeks, Mikkelsen has expressed again its willingness to be Doom in the project of Hawley.

“Of course, it is always interesting. Are experimenting to try to present the stories of some villain. Let's see if they do. We are not aware of what they have done so far. Have not yet done so with the Joker and have not yet done so with the Penguin. Let's see what will happen at the appropriate time. I hope that the characters have a role more complex, to show the two sides of the coin. You, are the bad guys. Hannibal was a villain, but at the same time, in some we liked. I think that all the characters, good or bad, should be a bit of both, and I think every actor looks for in the characters”

Mikkelsen has long been one of the names closest to the role of von Doom, and the readers of the comics, surely they would worship to see him in the role of Dr. Fate, although at the moment on Invincible Iron Man, we have seen a Destiny inspired by the features of Vincent Cassell. It would be the first actor to be, in the case of assignment of the role, playing the role of two supervillains major in cinema (Kaecilius and Victor von Doom), but not the first to embody the two bad guys from cinecomic to the cinema. At this point, we can only wait for developments and hope to see Mads Mikkelsen under the mask of Destiny!

Source: Screen Geek

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