Dockcase, a very interesting case for MacBook Pro dedicated to the productivity – a Review


Published on Aug 12, 2017


In recent years we have witnessed a slow but constant development of its range of MacBook and MacBook Pro, with laptop more oriented to a greater compactness. Since the first MacBook 12-inch, Apple has been shown to to believe more and more connectivity, as USB Type C by removing, gradually, both the interface and the USB-TO various other media such as the SD card reader and microSD, up until a few years ago, a still-point of the range MacBook Pro. This choice turned out to be, without a doubt, very much oriented to the future, but unfortunately, this still tends to create a bit of a puzzle to those who, like graphic and video editor, still find it hard to give up certain types of media.

To date, there is no alternative to the possession of the various adapters available on the market but is going to make landfall on Kickstarter very interesting, that may solve most of your problems. We are talking about Dockcase, a practical case made of synthetic leather that integrates a HUB of expansion, is embedded in the skin, is able to expand the range of connectivity of your laptop, avoiding the annoying tangle caused by the various adapters that you may need.

The HUB has the following connectors:
– A gigabit ethernet port
– A port HDMI out (video output [email protected] or [email protected])
– Two USB connectors-C, one of which is used for the charging of the MacBook Pro
– Three USB 3.0 ports with speed
– A microSD slot for cards and one for SD cards

The box packaging contains, in addition of course to the houses, and also a USB cable-C that allows you to connect our MacBook Pro to a connector positioned on the side, and feeding the expander HUB using the battery of our computer, without a significant impact on the autonomy.

The quality of the materials used in the construction is excellent, with a very soft leather and pleasant to the touch. The excellent finishes of the built-in HUB that the various seams of the case show a considerable care, even in small details. Dockcase is a solid product, with good rigidity that allows you to endorse our MacBook Pro above the surface of the bag without it traballi excessively during prolonged use of the keyboard. The inner lining of the case, despite the lack of generosity in terms of thickness and padding, which ensures a remarkable fluidity, both in the introduction and in the extraction of the MacBook Pro and a small internal pocket also allows you to stay in the USB cable-C supplied, so that it cannot scratch the body of the computer.

An element, unfortunately, the negative that does not fully convince it is the method of closure of the main pocket; Dockcase using a locking system, a book that uses two small magnets to keep in contact with the two portions of the skin. A little bit maybe seen the value of the object inside the content; in the case of non-perfect adhesion of the magnets, the risk of see our laptop falling ruinously to the ground is still concrete if you carelessly hold the bag in the wrong way, the event never occurred in the trial period of the product (I hope you will understand the diffidence make test ‘too stressful’).

In the daily use of all the days it should be underlined the practicality of the product itself, which does not allow, however, for obvious reasons of space, to carry no other component in view of the lack of other pockets. You cannot bring with you on the power supply, and this is a factor to consider if you plan to use your MacBook Pro for long work sessions on the move; having regard to the objectives of compactness and practicality of the product, this is not, however, a negative point.

We have tested long, all the ports made available by the HUB Dockcase and we feel pleasantly to underline the excellent performance of all the available connectivity, starting from the various ports of USB 3.0 and Type-C until you get to the SD slot and microSD. The read / write speed on all media in the memory we tested is satisfactory and in line with the data obtained by the same devices on other computer with which we made comparisons. Also the gigabit ethernet and HDMI video output (tested both on a full HD monitor that on TV (4K) performance is more than satisfactory, enabling us to be able to affirm the excellent workmanship of the internal circuit of the device.

The only negative point is represented by the temperatures reached from the HUB; and during the sessions of a lot of work incurred, with different memory devices connected and the contemporary use of the charging port rather than the ethernet connection or the HDMI output, tends to reach temperatures hot that in some cases exceed even those of the MacBook Pro the same so as to make it just as enjoyable the contact between the palm of our hand and the HUB, inevitable given the requirement dictated by the length of the supplied cable to use the laptop placed on the surface of Dockcase.

Overall, despite some negative aspects to take into consideration, we can say that Dockcase represents the best solution in the market able to combine maximum portability with the convenience of not having to bring too many adapters. It is equally clear, however, is the need to review some aspects starting from the dissipation of the heat generated from the HUB until the closing of the pocket, which may represent a small obstacle for those who hold particularly the maximum security during transport of your MacBook Pro. Also a greater thickness of the lining would not certainly bad, by increasing the protection from accidental bumps.

As anticipated at the beginning of the review, Dockcase will be the subject of a campaign crowdfounding on Kickstarter which still do not know the date of the beginning; the cost to the public of the final product is $ 129, but during the campaign it will be possible to finance the project, only 69 dollars that will allow you clearly to get the product if the campaign were to be successful.

For all further details and in order to stay updated on the opening of the Kickstarter campaign, we invite you to visit the official website of the product.

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