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Published on Mar 26, 2020


In a period very complicated for Italy but also for the whole world, often offer the comparison are the television schedules. Among the things to be done strictly in the home at this time, of course, the vision of tv series and fiction but not only! The real problem is that many italians don't have subscriptions to pay-tv or platform streaming for this hope is that the channels in the clear gift of good products. Imagine, then, that in this sense, the DOC series-In your hands, it may be the novelty that the audience will appreciate in these long evenings to spend at home in front of the tv. Today, more than ever, we need our doctors and nurses, all the staff in the hospital to fight in the front line against the COVID 19. And the series seems to be really a great tribute to all the work that doctors are doing these days, now over a month to tell you the truth. Although the Rai and the protagonists of the drama DOC-In your hands make a special dedication to all the doctors today, in the first line.

Among other things,by a strange twist of fate, the protagonist of the true story in fiction is just told, it a doctor that in the last month he has worked in the area of lodi, also in the hospital of Codogno.

The story that we will see this evening on Rai 1 is the true story of Pierdante Pigeons.

THE STORYLINE-Andrea Fanti is a young and brilliant primary of Internal Medicine. His diagnosis are fast, acute and correct. Feared and respected by colleagues and patients, which is especially detached and pragmatic. The empathy for him is misleading. Repeated often, in fact, that the sick man is the worst doctor himself. This, in a nutshell, dr. Jacks before the shot that splits in two the his life. To press the trigger in the waiting room of the hospital is the father of a deceased patient in her department. When she awakens from the long surgery, it is immediately clear that the projectile has cleared from his brain the memories of the last twelve years of his life. Recognize the colleagues, of which, however, with amazement, the wrinkles and changes. The memory of Andrea is stopped at a step from the death of his son Mattia. Discover the shocking truth when from the bed of the hospital asks of him; it is so to live again the mourning for that loss. Does not recognize his daughter Carolina, because his last image of her as a child and does not remember even that, due to the disappearance of Matthias was separated from his wife, health-care director in the same hospital. Also the experience of the primary is not aware of, nor would ever imagine to have been a despot in the ward, severe and cold with everyone. Now Andrea is finished suddenly from the other side. Is a patient nailed to a report unequivocal: the cerebral cortex severely damaged. There is only one thing that has not changed: the desire to be a doctor. He asks if he can continue his profession, but the only possibility that is offered to him is to start from the bottom with a twenty-years younger than him, who as the primary has mistreated without mercy. Against everything and everyone, Andrea is committed as never before to prove he is still the brilliant doctor who was. He discovers, in fact, that can become a doctor even better because he lived in the hospital also “sick”. Because he understands that the empathy is really a powerful tool of healing and illness is not only a puzzle to solve, but a second chance that life sometimes grants. A second opportunity that must be seized.

Each episode deals with several clinical cases that our protagonists will be able to solve not only because of their scientific expertise, but also to the progressive discovery of the private lives of the patients, who gradually reveal aspects secrets, forgotten or overlooked. Each will have a second chance to reconsider some of the chapters of her life as a secret relationship, a bond which is hidden, a vice illegal. In each episode the characters involved in the medical case – by the patient, his relatives, doctors – will be more aware.

The series is inspired by the true story of Pierdante Pigeons (recounted in the books “Less than twelve” and “first Aid”, Mondadori).

EPISODE 1 – MINUS 12 The life of professor dr. Andrea Fanti, bright primary of Internal Medicine, is shocked when the father of a patient who died in the department shoots him a blow to the head. Andrea survives the shooting, but loses the memory of the last twelve years of his life. When she awakens finds it difficult to recognize his colleagues, his family and the man he had become.

EPISODE 2 – SELFIE Andrea is hospitalized in the department of Internal Medicine, in the hope that with the passing of time the place him more in a family to help him recover memories. Giulia follows her rehabilitation, but is found to have to do with a man different from what he knew. And while Andrea tries to come to grips with his new condition, he becomes involved from the medical case of his roommate, James, is a boy with a complex disorder and a shameful secret .

Luca Argentero , Matilde Gioli ,Gianmarco Saurino, Sara Lazzaro, Raffaele Esposito, Alberto Malanchino, Silvia Mazzieri ,Pierpaolo Spollon, Simona Tabasco, Elisa Di Eusanio, John They Were Co-Stars, Beatrice Grannò, Pia Lanciotti

Doc-In your hands waiting for us today, 26 march 2020 on Rai 1 at 21.30 after The usual suspects.

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