Do you want to work at Apple? You just need to know how to make a good cup of coffee


Published on Jul 17, 2017


Apple is looking for a manager for the visitor center in the “Bay Area”. The new employee should know how to manage the bar, but above all, you should know how to make a great cup of coffee.

If you have always wanted to work in an Apple, but you don't have a degree in electronics engineering or any other degree of interest, here's an unmissable opportunity! The company from Cupertino is looking for a new manager for the bar in the visitors ' center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Of course, it is simply a usual search of new employees. Apple is looking constantly for new staff to integrate into their own facilities around the world. This time, however, the request of the company from Cupertino has us amazed. According to the announcement published on Linkedin, Apple is looking for a responsible bar that knows how to handle the task in the best of ways. In particular, however, and it is precisely this that surprised us, the new employee must be able to prepare an “espresso star”. These are the textual words in the ad of Apple.

Applications for this job are temporarily suspended, but as we mentioned before, Apple continues to seek staff for this type of work.

Via CultOfMac

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