Do you dream of recreating a lightsaber? The word science

Published on Jan 09, 2017

Here are the obstacles that may be encountered in the creation of a lightsaber

Who of us has not dreamed of owning a lightsaber? Read, portable, and light up with a click, emitting a sound that fills of pride any true fan of Star Wars. Everything seems so simple, but in reality it is not. According to scientists, these coveted weapons will never be realized. There are several reasons to support the cause and they explain in an article published on

A laser beam, as in any type of light, not “stops”, unless there is something which can absorb or reflect. To fight with a laser sword, then, would be cumbersome and decidedly dangerous, as it would take to destroy everything that surrounds us? One solution could be to place a mirror at the end of the blade, so as to be able to lock the radius. This, however, requires the construction of a structure that would limit the sword itself, by depriving it of its originality.

A laser beam so powerful and no hand burnt? These weapons would need a large cooling system, which would make the sword heavier and unwieldy.

Already, a radius of the genre would need a power disproportionate. Not just the standard battery, the sword must be connected to a network of electric high voltage. Would be a bit awkward in combat, don't you think?

We know that the laser beam can be reflected, so to your opponent it would be enough to defend yourself with a simple mirror, and you hurt with your own weapon. Also, the clash of two lightsabers would be pretty boring: the two weapons, in fact, would not ever in a collision, but it would cut through.

If you want to show off your laser sword colored and astounding, resign. The laser beam does not produce any noise and would not be visible, if not in places that are very smoky or dusty environments.

What do you think? Do you believe that one day you will be able to find solutions to these obstacles? Or perhaps it is better to leave them only in the movies? Please let us know with a comment below.

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