Djay Pro is available on iPhone


Published on Dec 21, 2016


For all music lovers, djay Pro is one of the best app ever, as it allows you to create remixes of various kinds and manage a real console. From today, the app is also available on the iPhone

djay pro turns your iPhone into a complete system DJ portable that integrates more music, allowing us to have a full access to all the songs and playlists.

djay Pro provides a complete set of tools for DJS, both amateur and professional. The app seamlessly integrates with your music library and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of songs.

Here are the main features:

Interface DJ

• Jog Wheels
• Waveforms
• Four Dishes
• Sampler
• Video
• Horizontal and Vertical mode

Integration with Spotify

• Instant access to over 20 million songs
• Playlists, Songs, Charts, Research
• Match: suggestions of songs based on the cloud
• Instant access to BPM and Key via the cloud
• Instant export of playlists and saving songs
• Powerful technology with audio streaming: ultra-low latency, advanced effects, immediate analysis

Video Integration

• Video library with content pre-loaded
• Blend Video mixing and scratching
• Transitions
• Viewers
• Effects visual
• Overlapping titles & images
• Recording A/V
• Support for external display and Airplay

Mixer Four Dishes

• Horizontal / vertical layouts
• Setting the Horizontal and Vertical

Music Library

• Spotify + iTunes
• Video Library
• History and Queue
• Instant Preview
• Bright / dark
• Mode extended

Settings Waveform

• Horizontal / vertical
• Horizontal / vertical
• Two dishes and four plates
• Zoom level variable


• Sampling of live and pre-set
• Content pre-loaded by Loopmasters
• Samples are pre-loaded by DJQbert


• Live recording for audio
• Live recording for video


• Automatic, with a mix in the batting
• Automation of code and the playlist
• Automatic power transitions
• Automix Radio generated by Spotify

DJ tools advanced

• Sync
• Cue Points
• Looping
• Skipping
• Scrubbing
• Slip Mode
• Grid Beat editable

Audio Effects

• More than 30 audio effects innovative provided by Sugar Bytes (available with In-App Purchases)
• Up to 3 audio effects available-for-tv
• XY-Pad FX and instant

Procession Audio

• Time-stretching advanced (up to +-75%)
• Pitch shifting (up to +- 1 octave)
• Mix audio with curves crossfader editable
• EQ, panning, and filters, highpass/lowpass
• Audio limiter

Audio Analysis

• BPM detection beat
• Grids of bar flexible with support to dynamic
• Frequencies on the waveforms colored
• Identification of the Key
• Auto-gain / Normalizer
• Analysis of Multi-core

Additions Hardware

• Native support for DJ controllers, including Reloop Mixon4, Reloop Beatpad, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, Numark Mixdeck Quad
• Support for Audio interfaces USB multi-channel

djay Pro is compatible with all iphones that have installed iOS 10. The app is available at the price of 4,99€.

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