Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: new video gameplay, closed beta announced


Published on Aug 24, 2017


Dissida Final Fantasy-NT, a version that is compatible with PS4 of arcade title Dissidia Final Fantasy, released in Japan in 2015. The game is much more than a simple mash up of characters from the various Final Fantasy games, because Square Enix and Team Ninja have instead chosen to build a fighting game, is incredibly tough, which incorporates many of the parts already seen in earlier chapters of the long-running and beloved Final Fantasy saga.

With regard to the combat system, will be 2 types of attacks: HP and Bravery. Attacks, HP will take away part of the Life Points of your opponent; the players will also have a counter Bravery, which fills up during combat. The higher the parameter Bravery, the more damage it deals when you use attacks HP.

Using an attack Bravery, then, does not deal damage to the opponents, but you will increase your bar's Bravery, for which it will be difficult to win a match using only one or the other attack. Rather, a good strategy is to alternate in a balanced way the use of both types of attack.

Being in this more like a RPG than a fighting game, the players of Dissidia-Final-Fantasy-NT will assign your character a class, to choose between the 4 available.

A Marksman will have ranged attacks, whereas a Vanguard tries to melee attacks; an Assassin will use fast attacks, and his arrows, and a fourth class, the Specialist will be a sort of class mixed, with features taken from the previous games of the saga of Final Fantasy: the Knight Onion Final Fantasy III, for example, will be able to quickly choose between a job with a different move set, just as he could do in the original game.

Players will also be able to assign to their characters 4 Battle Sets, with presets that include an attack, HP attack, a Bravery and some skill for the buff passive. Before each round, players will also be able to choose a Summon, being able to choose between Odin, Ramuh, Leviathan, Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, and Alexander. The patterns will be available when the bar is full, and this will also boost the permanent player statistics, as well as a great deal of Bravery.

To win, you must win 3 KO, achievable goal, such as defeating all 3 of the characters that are part of the opposing team, or beating the same player 3 times.

Here's the brand new gameplay video dedicated to Dissidia-Final-Fantasy-NT, directly from Gamescom 2017:


If you want to participate in the closed beta Dissidia-Final-Fantasy-NT, you can do this by creating an account on the official website of the game. The beta can be downloaded from Friday 25 August to Friday 1 September, while you will be able to play from 25 August to 3 September.

Dissidia Final Fantasy-NT will be released exclusively for PS4 and its release in the west is scheduled for January 30, 2018.

Source: IGN.

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