Disney+: outputs April 2020


Published on Apr 01, 2020


Disney+ has been bolstered by the additions to the streaming platform that will arrive in the month of April 2020.

Directed by Jon Favreau, The Lion King uses an evolution of the technologies of storytelling that combines the techniques of cinema, live action, images and photorealistic computer-generated to give new life to the timeless success of the world released in theaters in 1994.

The Lion King transports the audience on an incredible journey into the african savannah where he was born, a future king. Simba feels a great admiration for his father, King Mufasa, and takes seriously its destiny real. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrate the arrival of the new puppy. Scar, brother of Mufasa and the previous heir to the throne, has plans that are very different and the dramatic battle for the Rock of the King, marked by the betrayal and tragic consequences, culminating in the exile of Simba. With the aid of a curious pair of new friends, Simba must learn to grow and understand how to recover what is due to him of right.

The Family of Elephants – streaming from 3 April

Directed by Mark Linfield and co-directed by Vanessa Berlowitz and Alastair Fothergill, and produced by Mark Linfield, Vanessa Berlowitz and Roy Conli, The Elephant Family, starring the african elephant Shani and her lively puppy and Jomo, which, together with the herd, beginning an epic journey of hundreds of miles through the vast wilderness of the Kalahari. Guided by their matriarch Gaia, the family faces the heat infernal, the depletion of resources, and the stubborn predators, while following in the footsteps of their ancestors in search of a lush green paradise. In the original version, The Family of Elephants is narrated by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, while the award-winning artist Elisa excite the Italian public.

Echo, The Dolphin, with the narrative voice of the Christian Capotondi, in the Italian version and the actress, winner of the Academy Award Natalie Portman, and will immerse the audience on a journey undersea to have fun with some of the animals the most fascinating on the planet: the dolphins. Made with the narrative style, typical of Disneynature, the documentary film shows Echo, a young dolphin who still can't decide if it's time to grow up and take on new responsibilities. The social organization of bottlenose dolphins is complicated and the barrier reef that Echo and her family call home relies on all its inhabitants to stay healthy. But the Echo is hard to resist the many adventures that the ocean has to offer. Keith Scholey, who directed the Bears to Disneynature, is the director of the film.

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