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Published on Mar 17, 2016


Inspired by the most famous city builder, like the series of Tycoon or Sim City, Disney, and Gameloft, a leader in the production of titles for mobile have for the iPhone Disney's Magic Kingdoms, a new title that will allow you to build your playground of fun. We tried it for you to tell you what to expect from the app.

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Let's start by saying that the weight is definitely considerable, exceeding a giga-size and requiring an initial update really very long: do not buy or update the game when you are in mobility, but rely solely on a Wi-Fi network to avoid the problems of each type and to be able to support the best download. Once you start the game you will find yourself engaged in a mission of no little account: a curse cast by Maleficent, in the most classic and usual clichés of narrative in the world of Disney, has forced the entire kingdom of Disneyland is covered by shadows and the raven fluttering. With the essay help and support of Merlin the Magician, therefore you need to retrieve the happiness and the magic necessary to restore order in the park and reactivate all the attractions. Happiness and magic represent, together with the gems, the only consumable that can be purchased with real money, the items needed to re-enable everything you need in a park as it should be: at the beginning of the game will be very schematic, as unfortunately happens in all titles of this genre, and you will have to necessarily meet all the missions that are listed for the various characters, starting with Mickey mouse. When you understand the workings of the game, therefore, having got over the tutorial, you will have the maximum freedom to be able to build attractions, from the ferris wheels to the famous houses of Disney characters to visit, so you can get a reward every certain amount of time. Rewards that will transform even characters to unlock, which in turn mean more quests to complete and more rewards, still.

The set of characters you unlock are many, starting from those basics of the Disney include Mickey mouse, already unlocked at the beginning of the game, Pluto and Minnie, coming to his closest friends such as Goofy, Donald and Daisy. There are, however, other brands that are among the most well-known of Toy Story, Monsters & Co, WALL-E, Rapunzel, and Peter Pan, all are called to repopulate the kingdom. For now, it is not clear if there will be other characters that will be added in the course of the adventure, or perhaps with add-on pack, but the offer is quite varied and also saw the cost to unlock them all imagine that the time required to get to the popular the park is, however, is high. Disney Magic Kingdoms puts at your disposal, in short, a large number of fan service, to satisfy all, and having all the licenses of the original there will also be the melodies and the music more known in the world of Disney, from the fanfare of Mickey mouse for each character unlocked, up to the famous jingle for the opening of all the films with the castle accerchiamo from the stars.

Disney's Magic Kingdoms, while addressing an audience purely for children, it does not disdain the attention of teenagers or even of the players, the most experienced who have spent hours and hours on The Simpsons: Springfield, to stay in the theme of the city builder on the license. The mechanics, however, are sometimes too prolix, such as the animations of the new level you gain, or even as the necessity of having to retrieve the reward each time that an attraction has produced, as well as the missions will be too constrained to the simple “click and wait” nullifying even the dialogues annexed to the same. Remain, on the other hand, the mechanical slaves of the type of game where you are going to encounter. Disney's Magic Kingdoms, however, is the city builder, the most beautiful ever for anyone who has the Disney in the heart and can't wait to play something on your iPhone while listening to the soundtracks of the suggested characters in the game.

Disney's Magic Kingdoms is available for free on the App Store.

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