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Published on May 01, 2019


Avengers: Endgame marked the end of one phase and the beginning of a new one for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as we know, will also involve the television thanks to the new streaming service Disney+. Characters such as Loki, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch & Vision will be made through a series of ad hoc that, according to what was reported, will have seasons consisting of about 6-8 episodes each.

“Part of the new Phase of the MCU will include the development and deepening of stories dedicated to some of the characters on the new streaming service Disney+” reports The Hollywood Reporter Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Anthony Mackie (the Falcon), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) would have signed contracts that are different from those for the cinema, and at the time for about 6 or 8 episodes, according to the sources”.

These new contracts will allow the actors to appear without problems, both on the small and on the big screen, if the MCU requires their presence; always according to what is reported then, Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) will not appear in any of the television series Disney+, while they will be the protagonists of the new Phase film.

As we well understand, therefore, the security is that of Disney+ will be a world directly linked to the cinematographic one: the series that would immediately demonstrate this connection is the one dedicated to Loki: the project will also Tom Hiddleston, the actor who in recent years has played the character on the big screen. Needless to say, following the words of Hiddleston, the enthusiasm of the fans has skyrocketed, but according to what reported by Charles Murphy of ThatHashtagShow, the role of Hiddleston in the series should be limited to that of the narrator, impersonating, therefore, the voice of a Loki which tells the story of his life; the action, therefore, would like to see a new actor “youngest” in the role of viking God.

For the Wall Street Journal, the new service is expected to debut in November, with the vertices that would have asked developers to “prepare other projects to make sure that the service will be able to handle millions of subscribers at the time of the launch”. The hope is that Disney+ to be immediately a great success, and even that may depend on the price of the subscription: if it is lower than that of Netflix, that would certainly be a revolution for the current market.

Marvel is also developing for the service, an animated series What-If : supervised directly by the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, the series should be based on the curious alternative scenarios seen in the comics, as for example (among many possible scenarios) Spider-Man in the group of the Fantastic 4, or a context where the world knows of the blindness of Daredevil, or even events far more catastrophic as Loki in possession of the hammer of Thor or Doctor Strange, and a pupil of Dormammu.

The possibility, in the world of “what if”, are almost endless and, with this series, the Marvel would be spoilt for choice with regards to the plots. Considered the alternate context, many actors outside of the cinematic universe Marvel could (even if only as voice actors) return to portray their characters.

The vertices Disney have always done to understand how the new streaming platform, Disney+, is important for the House of Mickey mouse and, to prove it, is also the great number of original content in development: according to what reported by Deadline, in fact, Disney (and its properties, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and Pixar) would be developing about 18 movies and 16 tv series to be allocated to the platform. A large group of products therefore, to be attached to other “external” to offer right now programming is wide and varied.

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