Discover the small obsession of Prince George, the socks (PHOTOS)

Published on Apr 22, 2016

If there is a value that all the grandparents are able to transmit to their grandchildren is their memory, to pass on to their memories, because to win the fast flow of time.
What is there more beautiful to flip through albums of old family?
It may seem strange, but this sense of identity is common to all, from bigger to smaller ones, from simple households to the Royal Family.

Here comes the birthday of great-grandmother Elizabeth , and the heirs to the throne of the Windsor family decided to commemorate his ninetieth birthday with photos and memories. The freshness of George, the son of prince William and Kate Middleton stands next to the Queen, and so the grandson steals the scene in all the real.
The baby laughs amused on a stack of books from the air is very important and the eye immediately jump his socks to mid-leg.

Caught in the act. Here is the great obsession that lies behind the small ascending to the throne, the one for the socks. The Prince George at the age of just two years, already has a unique style, loves to care for her legwear in every event in which he is to preside. For Christmas already in the family photos, he showed off a pair of stockings, combined with the christmas sweater. This time, the baby royal is not the same and matches his socks to bermuda and taking the color of the tie of father William.
Each personality has its hands in fashion, just think of Elton John and his collection of glasses. George from the golden gates of Buckingham Palace has a passion much more parsimonious, and that of the socks, Amalia (her favorite brand) from £ 7.00 per pair.

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