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Published on Mar 05, 2018

One of my guilty pleasures are the mobile games, those harmless pastimes, the existence of which becomes a boon when you find yourself stuck in situations fantozziane, where time seems to be an enemy inexorably slow. Are the situations in which dozens of games downloaded on your smartphone suddenly become a salvation.

Only that, let's be honest, there comes a time when you end up playing clones of the ideas already articulated in all the sauces, the stuff that ends up almost being more fun to the nth queue in the mail. Luckily I remember that geniaccio di Marco Nucci, one that probably has days 56 hours for those unable to do in recent times, had mentioned his project on a play mobile, Skield the Shield.

The fact is that the curiosity results in a chat with Marco to find out how she came to be her idea, but especially as you're developing this idea.

For those not in the know, Marco Nucci is a narrator of stories, which are the short stories which introduces us to the reading of the stories of Dylan Dog The Dylan Dog by Tiziano Sclavi, or stories with more details, such as The Lair of Zodor. A talented storyteller as his, lent to the world of pixels is a good bet. But how came this idea?

“I have been involved with the deception! Behind this project there are two friends, Luca Morganti and Andrea degli Esposti, who are skilled in the art. To say, they were two years ago to create that little gem of a PC Basketball! It was just Andrea to pull me into the dance after a view of one of my illustration”

Because the good Mark is also an illustrator, even though with his own way. A style that has become one of the two ways in which to contribute to this interesting project

“Drawing using the Lasso tool of Photoshop, all done with the mouse. In fact, with MY mouse, now that I know how to react and how to move to get the effect that I want. From an illustration made with this system triggered the interest of Andrea in get engaged to make the designs, and the backgrounds of the mobile game. “

The images that Marco Nucci me shot during our chat are a lovely sight. Funds colorful, a stretch of simple but well-defined and, above all, the feeling that there is a setting of well-structured, with a new story, which is what is usually lacking in projects for the gaming and mobile. And could Marco not to invent a story of his?

“Initially, the game was called Skield the Shield, and the main character was a shield that went in search of his master. Between the two there was a unique relationship, which dated back to the childhood of the lord when, not knowing how to write well, had engraved on his shield skield, instead of shield”

Everything had been thought of as a classic platformer, we proceeded to create a sort of trial version, and it is subjected to a small audience, during an evening in which the creators of the game have collected opinions and feedback in order to understand in which direction to move.

“In the end we realized that we needed a concept solid. From the evening of the beta, we have collected a lot of information, and we came to a second version, where we have also changed the type of story. From the shield, we switched to the idea of a mask that can jump on the face of the defeated enemies, taking control, and being able to use their powers”

“In this way, we took a road that joins the platform to the reasoning. Each enemy has a specific power, that may be the key to overcoming situations in a precise way. The mask may also be forced to go back and find a particular enemy, bringing the player to deal with unexpected situations and find a solution”

Within this revolution, also the setting of the base has been revised.

“We have abandoned the idea of the shield, passing precisely to the mask. The idea of having a concept that is simple, with a gentle story but characterized in a precise way. The title of the processing time is Sigul, and our mask is the answer to the prayer of a people submissive who has invoked this strange heroine for him. To accomplish this mission, the mask will have to face different levels and locations”

A project of this kind, no matter how simple, still requires a large commitment

“I deal mainly with drawings, then the ball passes to Andrea, who inspires them, while Luke is concerned with the structure of the layers and special effects. “

The basis of this idea is always the idea of a playability that is mobile, then fast, available everywhere. Marco Nucci explains to me what is the basic idea of Sigul

“We thought of creating a game that does not require more than 180 minutes to be completed. Currently we are thinking of 5-6 scenarios, each with 6 levels. This idea is the result of a choice, a preference for quality over quantity. For our title we are working in this perspective”

What still remains unclear is the economic side

“We are still deciding on the economic strategy. The payment should arrive in a maximum of one euro, but we have not yet decided whether to enter the first three worlds of the test, or how to handle this aspect“

The images that I showed Marco are encouraging, especially in terms of freshness of the setting, in addition to telling setting new, sparkling. We just have to see how it will develop Sigul, in the meantime, leave a little space, always ready in your smartphone!

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