Discounts GearBest: cables and power bank for your loads in the summer!


Published on May 30, 2018


There we are! The summer holidays are coming. These are the right accessories in order to not remain unprepared, under the umbrella or in the mountains. Here, then, are the discounts from GearBest today!

As the first thing you will need to obtain a good power bank that can guarantee a more full charges and maybe even has two USB. GearBest now offers discount to the new power bank Xiaomi for the price of 16,33€.

Now we turn to the other side. With regard to the standard Lightning 1m, our advice falls on Baseus that offers a great solution at a price really bargain. Just a 2,67€ for a cable, standard, upholstered in fabric and available in black, blue and red.

If you own other devices, it may make you comfortable, also a cable USB combo-C/MicroUSB. We propose another cable Baseus good quality with a small adapter to turn the MicroUSB connector on the USB-C. The price is 3,45€ and is available in black or gold and black.

You want to listen to a little music under the umbrella at the beach, in the pool or in a camping? Here is a speaker smart Bluetooth weblog Zanflare great for outdoor use. The device also serves as a small lamp, very useful in all those moments in which there is located the open air in the evening in the camping. The price of the device is 23,21€.

If you can't part from your smartphone to the sea, here is a product which will certainly meet your needs. It's a classic, waterproof bag, very simple, in which to insert your smartphone and carrying it with you during a swim in the sea. The price is only 3,41€.

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