Disaster Riviera: the replicas of Rosy Abate, it is better for


Published on Jun 27, 2019


Mediaset wants to play the card new tv series in the summer of Channel 5, but apparently, taboo first night still remains. It is a demonstration of the fact that, despite the Riviera is a series of success in all of the countries in which it aired, in the summer of Channel 5 does not take off, indeed. Records listen to, a little encouraging, even lower, for example, of the first episodes of Away from you ( the first flop in the summer of Channel 5). We still wonder why the network didn't try to buy the format-style Real-Time for the summer, that is certain to conquisterebbero the part of the audience that loves the genre. Considering the ratings that Temptation Island "collect", we can infer that the genre on which to focus is another. Consider, for example, to format as a Screw to the limit, or something even more intriguing and trash as 90 days to fall in love. Of format there would be so many and could be perfect for the summer on Channel 5.

If we think that the replicas of Rosy Abate, broadcast always on Channel 5 have done better than the first episode of the Riviera, we realize how the public is really particular in the choices. Recognize a product that loves and follows the replicas, bowl without even start watching a series that could have a reply.

So let's see the numbers to understand what was the interest of the public:

For usa has won 2.257.000 spectators, at 13% share .On Channel 5, is the debut of the series, the Riviera has gathered in front of the video 1.880.000 spectators, equal to 11.4% share. On Rai2 A Summer in Provence has affected 1.487.000 spectators equal to 8% share. On Italia 1 and Friends as We entertained 1.157.000 viewers (6.2%). On Rai3 anyone Who has seen it? gathered in front of the video 1.627.000 viewers, equal to a market share of 9.8%.


What will happen now? Just yesterday evening while was aired on the Riviera, we have seen the promo of a new series ready to go to Wednesday on Channel 5. The Riviera, in fact, will move next week to Thursday evening. But if they were to be still these the ratings, the network will continue to broadcast the other episodes?

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