Disaster live life: listen to the flop for Rai 1, what's not working?


Published on Jan 16, 2019


What's not working? What is there not to like? We need to start asking, and perhaps in the house Rai , someone is doing it already for weeks. The live life does not work. If until last year the only enemy to beat was Channel 5, with the brillantissimi plays of the Afternoon, Five in the edition 2018/2019 program, things have changed. Already before the holidays of Christmas there was in the air, the overtaking Rai 3, with the riding of the great Geo to listen to a record for the network. And now that fear, that assumption is realized. And if in that Rai-3 can celebrate for numbers excellent, home-Rai 1 things are very different since, with the ratings of Geo, the network switches to the third step of the podium. The distance was slight in the first month of airing, it is then made abysmal. Barbara d'urso with his Afternoon 5 hardly ever drops below 2 million viewers, the average is much higher. The program of the mediaset confirms then the more seen of his band and even closer to the disastrous results de La vita in diretta " ( Rai 1 has held up less than a month in the summer/autumn).

Now it is clear that there is something wrong and that something is found in the new style of the program. The envoys are the same from years and their work is flawless. We say that the choice of shortening The life live, also from this site, promoted as an idea, has not been reflected in the pair that leads the program. Tiberio Timperi e Francesca Fialdini fail to take the time. In particular, the conductor, does not respect the guests in the studio and in the external link, does not finish never a sentence, which the public note and does not like to ( on social during each episode it's raining "critical" in this sense). Timperi stops the sent, does not allow them to ask the questions, not giving way, even to the guests in the studio to have their say. But the one that gives the most trouble is that often also interrupts people who are talking about real drama, of things series, to bring the discourse where he wants him. An attitude that really the audience of The live life has failed on the whole line. Francesca Fialdini we blame her too much joy in certain contexts, and its excessive coldness in the other. Two things on which you could discuss much, but which depend only by the tastes of the public. Maybe they want less bacchettona , less schoolteacher, and the closest to the public. Of the rest, a critique very similar to the one you made for years to Cristina Parodi. You can not please everyone.

The problem of the program seems to have its roots in the setting. You fail to understand what you want to do. For example, if the audience of Channel 5 is well aware that in the first part of the program will be the record and in the second block, the gossip, the one from The live life does not know on a daily basis that fish take. The blocks change, often the chronicle occupies a large part, on other occasions it starts from the gossip and then close with the interviews. And speaking of these, Mediaset would pay maybe gold to have guests arriving in the studio de live life, but probably are not valued in the world right.

What to do? Really hard to find a solution, but maybe as a first goal we could be of more pleasure to the public and less to themselves.

We close with the numbers ( the data auditel in the afternoon of January 15, 2019)

Life Direct has collected 1.577.000 viewers with 14.1%, in the first part, and 1.770.000 viewers with 13.7%, in the second part.

Afternoon Five has made the company to 1.881.000 viewers (15.8%), in the first part, 2.198.000 viewers (15.5%), in the second part, and to 2.029.000 viewers (13.1%), in the third part of the short-term.

Geo has recorded 1.903.000 viewers with 14.2%


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