Disappearance Jessica Lattuca latest news, an anonymous phone call reveals they would have been killed


Published on Nov 12, 2018


Latest news from Favara with what could be a real turning point in the case of the disappearance of Jessica Lattuca. An anonymous phone call would be, in fact, came to the Police following the case. An anonymous call to say what? The person on the phone would have indicated the place in which to look for the corpse of Jessica. The mother of Favara's disappearance on the 12th of August of 2018, would have then been killed? It would seem so judging from the words of this person which indicated the place where the girl would have been buried. The research began several hours but the operations are not simple. The bad weather which has hit Sicily in these weeks is making it complicated search operations in the area indicated by the person who made the call. Jessica, he said, would have been buried in a well.

This story is not the first time that people in anonymous are trying to direct the investigation. But how much truth is there in these reports? Recall that a few weeks ago on the walls of Favara were appearances of the writings that indicated in Lillo Cardillo was the murderer of Jessica. But what is the truth in this story and what happened to Jessica?

The corpse of Jessica would be thrown in a pit of Contrada Punta Bianca, on the border between Favara, Naro, Palma di Montechiaro, and Agrigento.

The research of the investigators would have already started several days ago, but due to the bad weather that has battered the Sicily in the last days, would have been suspended and waiting to restart. The area indicated by the anonymous entry is a large area where there are some artesian wells deep, a few tens of metres. There will be the focus of the research carried out around the location of the disappearance of Jessica Lattuca. The bad weather that hit on that part of Sicily has made it particularly difficult research which will be continued in the next few days.

At the moment the only writing in the register of suspects remains the ex-boyfriend Philip Russotto.

In these last days, after the disappearance of another woman, a sicilian, began a real psychosis with of the associations between the two cases that have led many people to think that in Sicily there can be a sort of maniac who kidnaps women ( read here to learn more with the story of Jessica and Giusy Pepi). If this phone call will prove to be useful to the investigation, you will come to a turning point, but at the same time, you will have to try to figure out who brought Jessica in that place, and those who have done evil to you.

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