Dirty Talk, insult to the best sex ever

Published on Feb 05, 2016

Dirty Talk: the English page of Wikipedia opens its entry with a disambiguation:

“This entry is about Sex.
For Curses, and Blasphemies, see Profanity.
For other uses, click here”.

The Dirty Talk, in slang, sexual, is the art of talking dirty in bed, using with mastery of a register pushed, made vulgar and explicit epithets unflattering. It is an erotic game that breaks down all brake inhibitory of the language and can tamp the excitement of the lovers.

Practically, it consists in the insult, and in the use of expressions that are scurrilous to support and improve the rhythm of the performance; it is an art Latin love-that assumes a certain amount of wisdom in the management of the slang. More than on the content, the Dirty Talk is based on the shape: it doesn't matter so much what you say but the manner and the tone with which you express the hardness of the words. Another important discriminant is the timing: if you start with the foul language even before you understand if the partner is willing to accept a vocabulary foul-mouthed, risks pass to the erotomane turn and grew up in bread and porn; Dirty Talk assumes a tuned sense of rhythm.

The Dirty Talk does not enjoy good reputation, especially for its membership of the idiom pornographic. Practice it with a partner, narrow-minded could produce the inevitable consequence of removal. The vulgarity can be inconvenient and a shame, but it can prove to be really exciting if it is accompanied by the appropriate registry. I will love you as a lover sublime, you I will respect as a Geshia with the Lord, and for this I take you in dirty words: this is the paradox on which it rests, the Dirty Talk, the art of the scabrous, obscene and trivial.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, talking dirty in bed can sometimes be a good thing. First, it is extremely liberating and cathartic; and then it is democratic: it can do it bourgeois and proletarians, hetero and homo, both men and women.

However, the Dirty Talk is based on another great contradiction: when it's done well it can be really supreme, but when it's done poorly – with inelegance and free garbage – it gets really obscene and unsustainable. You walk on a thin wire, much thinner than that of the Vaffa: the thin red line that in the sexual games separates the beauty from the horror, and the healthy vehemence dominatrix aggression free. Men and women are very different in this: males are generally much more motivated, so much so that, for retaliation, the women from the libido that is more free, are easily labeled as Sluts.

To be female, voracious and uninhibited, she does not necessarily want to become a call whore. And for this, for the girls, the Dirty Talk can be a truly degrading. The suggestion is: make it easy, living it rather as an opportunity to begin to share with your partner a fantasy, and turn it into an uplifting perversion of torque. And pay attention to the involuntary reactions of the partner: the body language is often more understandable than the verbal one.



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