Dirk Gently Vol. 4 – The Salmon of Doubt-Part Two | Review


Published on Jul 27, 2018


The continued investigation it has been impossible to Dirk Gently, the detective holistic approach that aims to amaze the readers in the fourth volume proposed by saldaPress.

In this comic closes the narrative arc relative to the Salmon of Doubt (which we reviewed here), and finally we will understand what is the element that makes the connection between Dirk Gently and the salmon. And also this time, as you can imagine, the solution to this latest enigma will be amazing and unpredictable.

We had left the investigator a holistic grappling with an investigation that touched them personally. This is because in the first part of " The Salmon of Doubt (Dirk Gently had to do with two self: one is the child that lives on a timetable parallel, the other is the investigator holistic adult is very similar... to its television counterpart (in the likeness of the actor Samuel Barnett).

In fact, in this story, the Dirk Gently comic will have to do the Dirk Gently tv show (more reduced to a mere copy and post so you die). And, indeed, the hand of the screenwriter Max Landis in this volume you will note even more that in all the arcs before (remember that Landis is a producer of the television series dedicated to Dirk Gently and the supervisor of the comics).

In the second part of " The Salmon of Doubt, we will meet in front of the baths, which are the gateways to time travel. But the innovation with respect to previous volumes lies in the fact that this latest adventure will allow Dirk to get a better look inside of himself, and that you have to deal with a piece of his inscrutable soul.

To fill the whole there will be continuous gags and interludes, and, above all, a matter of torque which will involve Dirk Gently and his traveling companion, Sally Mills, which, for the first time, will be able to pull off one side of the personality of the investigator is holistic, entirely unexplored.

Lyrics by Arvind Ethan David are brilliant as in the previous volumes, even if, on this occasion, the narration is not smooth as in other stories, and probably the reason for this is traceable in the expansion of the story arc broken into two volumes.

The designs of Ilias Kyriazis are the added touch of the comic. Short-circuits the visual in the comic books of the Dirk Gently are virtually impossible to find in other productions of large publishing houses, and the women start squeezing often the eye to one of the fathers of the history of comics or Will Eisner. The stretch of Kyriazis is then well-accompanied by vibrant coloration of Charlie Kirchoff.

But, also on the designs the second part of " The Salmon of Doubt is influenced by a narrative dilated, and that it makes a bit more tired towards the end well as at the level of the found visual.

However, the fact remains that the comics of Dirk Gently is one of the best readings proposed by saldaPress. The work done around the stories of the investigator is holistic, it is worthy of note, and able to attract not only fans of Douglas Adams (the creator of the character) and a certain type of science fiction, but also fans of the comics in general, those who surely will win from you can find visual and narrative style of this excellent series.

In other words, among the recommended reading for this summer season can not miss Dirk Gently, a comic strip that is also in the volume are less brilliant, and that saves gags, short-circuit-proof visual and narrative, lots of fun, and even a hint of emotion.

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