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Published on Dec 13, 2017


The Salmon of Doubt is the title of the one that would have to be the last novel of Douglas Adams, a story that would have made the link between Judah, the Hitchhiker's to the Galaxy and Dirk Gently. The third volume of the comic book series of the Dirk Gently of the same title, and is fundamental to the introduction of many characters in the tv series dedicated to the investigator holistic (supervised by the brilliant Max Landis).

If in the previous volumes of the situations he encountered, the investigator holistic appeared to be rather absurd (here and here) reviews of the number 1 and 2), in this third volume the reader will find himself in front of something even more difficult to describe. Dirk Gently with his “assistant” Sally Mills will travel to Cambridge, at the house of a friend by the name of Reg, the bathroom is a door of access to inter-dimensional travel in the time. Here, you will understand what I meant?

And this is only the beginning.

In the course of the volume, the investigator holistic will travel through time, going through those that will become in the future (as he already knows, who has seen the tv series) characters the cornerstone of his stories-from the young Todd and Amanda Bretzman, the serial killer, the holistic Bart Curlish (the actress Fiona Dourif opens the volume with a preface). All this while Sally Mills, he finds himself in a point of the past very close to the origins of Dirk Gently, and Reg will be in the seventeenth century to retrieve Bernice, the cat Dirk.

Also in the comic will come into play also, the Icarus Project, a narrative element that will introduce other characters with special powers, by moving the plan of the story, directed in the preceding volumes on the deductive ability of the supernatural of Dirk Gently, and that starting from this issue, we also focus on new characters with “superpowers”.

But The Salmon of Doubt will also be an introduction to the next volume, which will explore all the elements and characters included in this first part. In short, the investigator holistic leave us in suspense for quite a while.

The comic of Dirk Gently is a continuous stimulus for active minds, eager to play with the imagination, the science, the twists of narrative, and (as in all the comics that you respect) with the images. The Salmon of Doubt, in fact, makes it even more exciting and delusional, but at the same time well integrated within the story, all the visual aspect and the graphic of the comic book. Each page is an invention that plays with the possibilities of the medium of comics, blending to a narrative rather solid which is carried on with great attention by Arvind Ethan David (brilliant in the dialogues). The experimentation with the visual, then, is not an end in itself, but rather enhances the narrative sense of the pages that you are to read.

Why comics of Dirk Gently reflects in everything and for all the spirit of Douglas Adams: it is a continuous reduced to a mere copy, a game with the rules of science and the narrative possibilities of science fiction, a reminder of stories and styles that have inspired the idea itself of the character that we are reading.

The visual engine that inspires the comic strip, Will Eisner, each page is created by Ilias Kyriazis with a touch eisneriamo obvious. A way difficult made great thanks to visual solutions that are a joy for the eyes and a enjoyment.

In addition, the colors of Charlie Kirchoff further enrich the designs of Kyriazis and give vitality to every single page.

This third volume of Dirk Gently, which is published in the United States by IDW Publishing, and proposed in Italy by Saldapress (careful in enriching the pages with all of the fantastic covers and the official variant) is a fun, continuous, with a reference thin-everything, that is, the expressive capacity of the medium of comics (and other media narrative may not repeat in the same way), and a clever way to continue the legacy of a mind fertile of which was that of Douglas Adams. In short, anyone who loves comic books, science fiction and Douglas Adams may not not read this the third volume of Dirk Gently.

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