Dirk Gently, for the interconnection of reality, Vol. 1 – Review

Published on Mar 30, 2017

With Dirkly Gently all the events are linked between them

I am sure that many of you, like myself, have had the pleasure of getting to know the investigator a holistic Dirk Gently thanks to the television series born from the collaboration between BBC America, IDW (the american publisher of this comic book and the television channel AMC (famous for transmitting the TV series The Walking Dead), and distributed throughout the world from Netflix.

Also, I'm just as sure that many of you, like me, you fell in love. However, not everyone will know that the eccentric investigator has origins much more ancient; Dirk Gently is in fact the fruit of the imagination of the brilliant English writer Douglas Adams (probably known to most for being the creator of the hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy) who has been the protagonist of a series of two novels published in the late eighties.

Dirk Gently is a virtuoso and a brilliant private investigator, the owner and proprietor of the only investigation agency, holistic London, which believes in the interconnection of the fundamental of all things; that is to say that everything that touches, does or sees is not a mere coincidence, but it ends up to join, as driven by a universal design sprawling, in a conclusion the glorious which allows him to solve the case he's working on, in addition to receiving (hopefully) some form of payment.

Mindful of this mysterious connection which unites all, from the most insignificant details to the most striking events, almost to refute the famous “Butterfly Effect” of chaos Theory, therefore can not be considered a coincidence that today I am here sitting reading the comics of Dirk Gently distributed in Italy by the friends of saldaPress.

In this first volume, Dirk abandons his beloved and gloomy England to move into the warm and sunny city of San Diego, California. As you can undoubtedly imagine, the journey of our Dirk of the sun on the american east coast, is due to a case that the investigator has between the hands, but of which, however, it is not going to advance anything.

After being released from the airport and taking a taxi with an unknown destination, following a discussion I had with a taxi driver about the mysterious (and possibly dangerous) contents of the single bag in his possession, the object of desire of a pair of newlyweds somewhat disturbing, Dirk is left in the middle of the road but by chance, ends up to be faced with the exact place where he wanted to arrive: the “Nosy & tea leaves“.

It is a tea room theme detective Dirk from the very beginning, elects as its new base of operations, appointing Tonya Fong, a girl with a passion for the detective (and one of the two owners of the premises), his assistant (or partner, depending on your point of view).

So begins, in full apology of the holistic philosophy that pervades all the actions of our protagonist, the adventure comics of Dirk Gently, which, in this fantastic first volume, will be involved in three exciting and (initially) separate cases, that will end up with the result inevitably interconnected among them, and that will see as protagonists: two egyptian mummies resurrected and hungry for life energy, the mysterious mobile phones in pure gold donated to the homeless by a figure unknown call “Bird” and the odd couple set out with the serial killer (and with the bag of the special detective).

Dirk Gently, for the interconnection of reality is not the “fumettizzazione” of one of the adventures described by Douglas Adams, nor of those seen in the television series (a product that differs not a little from the path traced by Adams), but can be considered a sort of expansion/sequel to the two novels written by the English writer with whom it maintains an inevitable interconnection (with good peace of the peculiarities of the works of Adams). The comic of Dirk Gently is then something that can not miss in the library of a fan of Douglas, but not only.

We were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the images ably represented by the pencils of Tony Akins and Ilias Kyriazis: the cartoonish style of the tables (that we are aware that we cannot please everyone), all it does is emphasize the intrinsic characteristics of the character and the entire story. History that, thanks to the author Chris Ryall, lies perfectly, almost reproduces the air of commonplace, in the same style used by Douglas in his novels.

The reading was light and pleasant, at times even very funny. The events that slowly unravel and show their ramified connections, damage to pepper the reading remains on lively pace without jolts and without a loss of interest.

The impact that we have had with Dirk Gently, the interconnection is actually more than positive, so much so that we do not see the hour that decoy in the second volume, the publication of which we will probably have to wait until the end of the year.

And you, what are you waiting for? Rush immediately to buy a copy! It's really worth it.

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