Dirk Gently: BBC America cancel the series!

Published on Dec 19, 2017

There is nothing safe inside the show biz, and now there are few serials that are safe from deletion unless they get a following so powerful as to allow of the renewal of more than one season at a time. Dirk Gently: the Agency Investigation Holistic does not seem to have had this luck.

The news of the cancellation of the series dedicated to the unusual detective created by Douglas Adams, which became reality a few days after the airing of the final episode of the second season. Maybe it was good for the fans, not knowing of the cancellation of Dirk Gently until the end, so you can enjoy the latest episodes without the bitterness of the bad news.

The cancellation of Dirk Gently arrives despite the numerous attempts of the fans of the series to save the series with online campaigns that have been appreciated by BBC America in a press with which the issuer announced the closing of the series with Elijah Wood

“Dirk Gently: the Agency Investigation Holistic has put together an incredible group of talented people, and creative, to make something incredibly original that celebrates what strange and wonderful as it may be the universe. We are very proud of the writers, producers and actors who have created this wonderful world. We have seen your passionate online campaign for another season of Dirk Gently, but we are sorry to announce that the second season will be the last on BBC America. We were deeply inspired by your amazing imagination, your endless passion and your humour. We have tweeted with you every episode, we saw you create fan art is incredible and, more importantly, to build friendships beautiful. Dirk Gently is not only big fans, but also great friends. You will continue to find connections, to overcome obstacles, make amends, help others and create your own family made up of weirdos, chosen or not. Thanks, fan of Dirk Gently, for everything”

All things considered, the cancellation does not come as a big surprise. Although the series had a large group of fans, has never managed to reach an audience sufficiently large.

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