Direct: private messaging to Instagram now have a dedicated app!


Published on Dec 08, 2017


We had already talked about in the preview in this article, and now the app Direct to Instagram is officially available for download from the App Store. It is an app designed exclusively to perform the function of receiving and sending of the classic private messages offered now from the time this social network. So let's see what it offers compared to the classic Instagram, and what will change after the installation.

Just a few hours ago we brought you a preview of the probable arrival on the App Store, an app dedicated to the function Direct to Instagram. Now everything is reality. Instagram has in fact released “Direct” on both iOS that on Android, and the way to explain better this app is a simple equation: Direct is Instagram like Facebook Messenger is to Facebook. In essence it is an app solely dedicated to the exchange of private messages on Instagram and this can be a big advantage for some, but also a disadvantage for others.

For sure those who use in a more intense way, the social network (like myself, @andreacervone if you are interested) will find it useful, maybe, the possibility to enable only the notifications of Direct messages that are private and not for likes and comments (also managed from the app Instagram the original). For others though this might seem like an unnecessary duplication that does not bring anything new... and separate management of the notifications is really so.

In addition to the messages, of course, you can also send photos, videos, and boomerang, customizing all the classic features that we already know and which now we can no longer do without. All things already seen in the stories already in the messages on Instagram, but now are collected in an app dedicated just to the messaging of the photo-sharing social network.

If you are interested you can download free of charge Direct Instagram from this link. Just keep in mind that this will result in the exclusive use of this app after installation on your device, even if it is very likely that soon Instagram will prevent the use of Direct through the application of “standard”, forcing the user to download the Direct. For the moment, however, you still have a choice before you: download now Direct or wait.

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