Diletta Leotta: invitation to dinner with a mystery...


Published on Jun 26, 2019


A certain M. B. has invited the pretty showgirl, who will it be?

Diletta Leotta is single again. The showgirl of the football has left the boyfriend Matteo Mammì, a nephew of the former minister Oscar Mammì and former chief executive of Sky, the couple had moved into a new apartment in Milan and it seemed that it was intended to swear eternal love in front of the altar.

But things have gone differently, and the Leotta has left the companion. Immediately was given by Francesco Monte, which in the meantime had left with Giulia Salemi, even if the Beloved has denied firmly, difficult, however, to think that a beautiful and sensual as she remains single for a long time, or, in any case, that does not receive immediately the proposals.

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Input in the preparation of Radio 105, the Leotta was greeted by a huge bouquet of red roses accompanied by a note. Curious about the content? Here it is: “you'd find it too bold if you invitassi dinner? M. B.”. In short, a gallant invitation in full rule, but who will be the author?

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You immediately are triggered the rumors, according to the initials indicated on the ticket was, of course, excluded Francis Mount, while the main clues are focused on Mario Balotelli, the charming footballer Marco Boriello, in short, two players who have distinguished themselves for their feats on the field and the achievements off the field. There is also a third hypothesis, the ticket may have been written by Max Brigante, a colleague of Diletta Leotta, Radio 105, and in this case, more than a gallant invitation, it would be a joke failed.

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