Diletta Leotta: after Instagram and the Tv also comes to the cinema


Published on Nov 14, 2019


The gorgeous Diletta Leotta, who we all know as a tv presenter, radio presenter, and above all, influencers, has reached many goals in recent years but, among the many titles, in his heart, he always knew that his real dream since she was a child was different: to become a voice actress! And this year, for the first time, he fulfilled his desire by dubbing a cartoon! Exactly today, Thursday, November 14, goes out to the cinema ‘Puppets to the Rescue’ the movie,”I voiced the character of Mandy, and it was a unique experience!”, announced a few days ago a Beloved to say the least quite excited on his profile on Instagram.

The animation film with Puppets to the Rescue, directed by Kelly Asbury, the director of Shrek 2 and Gnomeo and Juliet, made its debut today in Italian cinemas, six months after the release in the United States. But not to worry! The Italian version of the voices, however, has hired the team of voice actors, several darlings of the Italian audience of every age including: Federica Paper, Shade, Achille Lauro, Helium, and finally our Beloved to his very first experience of dubbing.

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When asked to describe his character the presenter responded: “Mandy is extraordinarily imperfect, courageous and very sensitive. Sometimes I think I'm Mandy, and then I realize that I can be the Beloved or perhaps, right beside me, now in hand, there is also her,” reveals a smiling revealing how much you find yourself in the character to which voice. With regard to the film, was inspired by the famous dolls in felt UglyDolls were launched on the market in 2001 and immediately became a worldwide phenomenon.



Thursday will be released at the cinema @pupazziallariscossailfilm I voiced the character of Mandy, and it was a great experience! #pupazziallariscossa @luckyred

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The UglyDolls are a line of dolls created by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim and I am a type of dolls-doll that perhaps we could define ‘bad’, or that lies outside the canons of beauty imposed by society, but that is precisely why they are loved by many, because they can be appreciated for reasons that do not concern the appearance, good learning for the young people of today, but also for adults. The film is, precisely, an animated adventure set in Uglyville, a fantastic world full of colors, in which bizarre puppets from the monstrous appearance: Moxy, Mandy, UglyDog, Lucky Bate and Ox, are measured by their diversity.

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