Diets post-christmas binges, tips to deflate


Published on Dec 24, 2018


You know in Christmas a little bit we all tend to take a few extra pounds during the christmas binges. The holidays represent a great temptation. Are several foods super energy foods that are offered in this period. Surely it is always recommended not to let too much go with the binges, but if you really cannot do without it, fear not, because today we show you some trick to deflate after Christmas. We see, therefore, together it is possible to get back in shape after the christmas binges.

After having indicated some trick to not gaining too much weight during the christmas binges, we decided to give you some tips to deflate after Christmas. Impossible to carry on a diet during the holidays, as you can certainly not escape from lunches, dinners and aperitifs with family and friends. But here is that immediately after the holidays often find themselves with a few extra pounds. The belly is swollen, and the skin suffers the consequences of those foods super caloric, of which we have not been able to do less. To deflate in a short time after Christmas it is necessary to carry on a detox diet for a few days. Going into greater detail, the purpose is to purify the whole organism. Preferred intake of liquids such as soups, herbal teas and smoothies. In this way you can give more hydration to the body and to dispose of the waste. It is good to limit bread and pasta in your meals, that should be represented, especially from vegetables, legumes and fruit. These are foods rich in fiber and water and, therefore, have a high satiating effect and a low caloric impact. The experts also advise to consume foods of animal origin such as milk and yogurt.

Remember to start the day with a nice glass of water, to which you can also add a bit of lemon. To the skin and to regain the energy, prepare a juice of grapefruit, lemon, and honey. You can accompany the drink with two rice cakes and fruit. To find oneself again in good shape is also recommended to take warm tea antioxidant, green tea or black tea.

At lunch you prefer brown rice with zucchini, or a mix of vegetables. Remember to always consume as a side dish a lot of vegetables, raw or steamed. Finish with herbal tea, digestive fennel, mint, or turmeric.

In the afternoon, take a snack with a smoothie mixed, able to reactivate the metabolism and burn calories. Blend pineapple, lemon, cucumber and chilli.

In the evening, the ideal is to consume soups with pumpkin and onion to adjust the intestine or with carrots full of vitamins.

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