Diet Lemme complete: what it is, the menu and contraindications


Published on Jul 09, 2019


Diet Lemme complete: what it is, the menu and the contraindications. The diet of dr. Lim is so well known for as discussed and is definitely worth further investigation. Dr. Lemme has created, in fact, this diet promises a weight loss, from 7 to 9 kg in a month, but have you ever wondered why it is so contested?

One of the features that has made it so famous is the ability to lose weight by eating pasta for breakfast in quantity. Despite the pasta is still in the category of schemes, considered to be protein. There is also to say, however, that separating the intake of carbohydrates and proteins, the Lim can be considered as a dissociated diet.

Following the diet Lemme complete you should get all the classical results related to such a strict diet: weight loss, normalization of sleep, prevention and treatment of all diseases related to incorrect nutrition.

To be able to start to follow this diet you need, as a first step, do an assessment test conducted in the studio, an interview, and receive the preparation of a personalized menu. After these basic points, you can begin to follow the diet that consists of two phases, a weight-loss and maintenance. A key thing is to respect with precision the times established for the consumption of each meal.

If you decide to follow this diet you will not absolutely take into account of the calculation of the calories. The weight loss would be achieved thanks to precise principles of biochemical food. A key point of the diet is in fact the impact of biochemical that has the food on the body with the interaction of the hormonal system in the respect of circadian rhythms. Sempificando we could say that, according to dr Lim, all food that is swallowed causes a reaction within the body, which, if exploited in the right way, can lead to lose weight. That's why the motto of dr. Lemme is

“I am not on a diet, I treat with food”

The key points of the diet, Lemme look to go against different points of the know the food of the last few decades. Just to give some examples, here are some quotes of mr. Lim:

Derive from these general rules to follow

Who exactly is dr. Lemme and the studies to back? Alberico Lemme was born in 1958. After graduating with a diploma ISEF, has done the work of physical education teacher for 15 years. He is a graduate in pharmacy, and on its website claims to have carried out research in biochemistry, and food, of which, however, lacks the documentation in the data banks of scientific officers.

In 2000, she founded “the Academy Philosophy for the Food to Desio, which according to him has the task of “teaching women to heal themselves with food and to use the brain instead of the plaice“. Yes, you read that right.

For him, diet and business have always gone forward hand in hand. He has also founded the Factory club, a real food company. Then he opened the Ristolemme and developed a Cooking School.

Other than a doctor is a real public figure also known for being a writer for television and theatre, having launched an App and having been a guest in several tv shows such as door-to-Door, Afternoon 5, One Morning, and Sunday Live.

There are three books written to focus on issues of food and diet: “The man who whispered to the fatties”, “The revolution of slimming” and “diet Lemme”.

When you speak of dr. Lemme is not limited only to the food plan, but you have to deal with a true philosophy of thought. On his website, in fact, he writes that:

Philosophy “Food is not a diet, but a school of thought full of energy and health, is an educational path of food in key biochemical, for people advanced, in which you learn, making it a clean sweep of the last hundred years of dietetics, medical, that calories, a unit of thermal energy, they have nothing to do with the power supply (the calorie is a hoax!), that fats don't make you fat, that sugar increases blood pressure, that salt, fat, fruit and tomato products increase the cholesterol, that bulimia is a hormonal imbalance and not psychological.”

Note that Alberico Lemme, always on his website, describes himself as “an engineer, an architect, a designer, a singer, [ ... ], an inventor, a designer, [...] in a word, are a Genius.”

Entering more in detail, we discover that, in practical realization, the diet, the Lim is a method of weight loss based on the two phases is very precise. Starting from the analysis of the glycemic index and the chemical composition of the food, you will also need to consider the time of the meals, the association of carbohydrates and proteins and the pool of enzyme in an individual (i.e., the set of enzymes that make up the organs of each of us).

The first phase is the one of the diet proper and should be followed up to the achievement of the goal. Calculate here your ideal weight

TEST[button type="default" color="" target="_self" link=""] TEST WEIGHT find out if and how much weight you need to lose WEIGHT find out if and how much weight you have to lose[/button]

The fundamental of this method are two points: respect the hours of meals and not counting calories. The only units allowed to the glycemic index of foods: if it is high, it form of glucose in the blood, if is low is not formed, allowing us to adjust the sense of satiety and keeps under control the weight. In addition, always based on the glycemic index, if food is ingested at breakfast produces a certain effect, which will be different that if ingested in the evening. This pasta is provided in the morning, because it would be metabolized better in the early hours of the day.

In this first phase is, therefore, put in place a model that takes into account the glycemic index of foods and meals, based on the functioning of the insulin. The breakfast, for example, must be taken before 9.30 in the morning; lunch between 12 and 14, and dinner between 19 and 21. Two snacks-a snack which must be consumed strictly between 10 and 11 and between 16 and 17 and consists of a lemon in slices and tea.

Every two days are recommended foods to eat according to the metabolic reactions of the individual related to changes in weight, girth, age, sex, season and other parameters. That is why it is essential to establish a collaborative relationship with the pharmacist who will have the task of assigning to the new plan, based on the response of the body.

Already in the first phase it will be possible to choose a path of type omnivore, vegetarian, vegetarian meat, vegetarian with fish or vegan. Being built as a philosophy of food and not so much as a diet restrictive, are never tax portions to follow.

However, there are foods completely prohibited as sugar, sweeteners, salt, bread, milk, cheese, and vinegar.

Foods to avoid:

Foods allowed:

The second phase begins at the attainment of the right weight and it is the one in which they are gradually introduced to the foods eliminated in the first phase. You will learn how to manage all the mechanisms of food in order not to take more weight. The duration of this second stage is approximately three months and allows the gradual integration of the foods prohibited in the first phase, especially vegetables and fruit.

In this second phase is, however, kept the model that includes pasta for breakfast, but can be alternating with eggs, cheese, yogurt, and fruit.

The first phase:

Breakfast: pasta, olive oil and pepper + coffee
Lunch: chicken breast + coffee
Dinner: sole fish + coffee


Breakfast: turkey + coffee
Lunch: fillet of beef + coffee
Dinner: swordfish + coffee


Breakfast: strawberries + coffee
Lunch: fillet of beef + coffee
Dinner: sea bass + coffee


Breakfast: pasta, olive oil and pepper + coffee
Lunch: chicken breast + coffee
Dinner: sole fish + coffee

The second phase

Let's start from the axiom that the method Lemme swears to lose weight, but not only! In fact, on his website, dr. Lim also offers the “cure of all diseases related to incorrect nutrition (diabete2, hypertension, bulimia, obesity, etc)”, it is a little difficult to believe, since it is based on a strong imbalance between the food.

Then what are the contraindications and side effects of the diet Lemme? Together to see all sides unclear who are behind this diet.

The diet Lemme seems to be one of many diets that claim to be miraculous, but which are unhealthy and have many contraindications.

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