Diet: how to lose weight and regain the weight


Published on Jul 01, 2019


Diet: how to lose weight and regain the weight. A diet for weight loss is one of the most difficult things to deal with. A little bit because we have to put in the game and change their habits of life, a little’ because, needless to say, requires sacrifice and perseverance and a little (let's just say a lot) because the information that we bombard from the web and TV are so many and contradictory that no one knows what to believe.

The word diet comes from the Latin "diaeta", "style of life", especially in regards to food intake, indicates the set of foods that are usually hired for their own nutrition.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, not only allows you to reach the weight, but it is useful to prevent many diseases. The first, fundamental step to start a diet is to establish its objectives. The important thing is to evaluate your health status to understand if, and how many Kg to lose.

To start a slimming diet, it is important to establish goals with healthy, realistic and easily sustainable in the long term. A diet should help us to feel better physically, aesthetically, and even psychologically.

After setting our goals comes the real moment of action. But what diet to choose?

When you need to lose weight you must be searching for the best weight-loss diet. The one that works best and, let's face it, more quickly. Each of us would like to see the first results, even if only for a matter of motivation. Diet Lemme, low carb, reverst diet, metabolic diet, Melarossa, blood group diet, Ketogenic, Diet, Dukan, Paleo, fasting, intermittent, mediterranean diet... Are so many, which one to choose?

Let's start by saying that, if as soon as you can, the ideal is to rely on a professional able to follow you and give it a diet that is tailor-made according to your need. But it is not always possible and, therefore, how to choose the diet most suitable to us?

Let's start from the points: for weight loss need caloric deficit, i.e. you need to introduce fewer calories than you consume without ever going below your basal metabolism so do not go to meet the stalling of the weight.

The Metabolism is given by the series of biochemical processes necessary to our organism to transform ingested food into energy needed to live and perform all the daily activities. Includes both the demolition phase of the molecules to produce energy, called catabolism; the building phase of large molecules that requires energy and is called anabolism. When we speak of calories you eat, we need to know the meaning of:

To lose weight in a healthy way is important to reduce your daily calories intake, but always according to certain criteria. It is important not to ever fall below the baseline because it may slow down the metabolism and make it more and more difficult to the weight loss. The body sees the diet was too strict as a period of crisis, and would react by assimilating the more possible for the purpose of storing sufficient energy to overcome the period of defict of calories.

In general, it is recommended that you cut no more than a 20% from the total metabolism. This would allow you to lose weight slowly but steadily without incurring periods of stalemate in the weight.

Beware, therefore, from the diet too restrictive or that you promise to lose weight so many pounds in a short time. Also, do a lot of attention to all those diets that make you eliminate food groups, or worse macros, without the supervision of a doctor. Always remember that gluten free does not mean light, and that is the case, eliminate the gluten and the lactose are in the case of approved allergies.

But what diet to choose, then? Among the many proposals, as diets in general, my advice is to try a diet that is easily sustainable. If you dine at home every day, I choose the diet of the sandwich, for example. Are you looking for a food plan that does not go to destroy completely your eating habits, it will be less traumatic and you will be more easy to be constants.

If you have chosen to invest on you and rely to a good trader, you have made the first step to lose weight. But who to trust? Better the dietitian or nutritionist? And is there a difference between a nutritionist and dietician?

Of course, regardless of the qualification of staff, you also choose the person who most inspires your confidence. The path to be addressed will not always be easy and it will need readjustments. Might as well choose a person with which you are able to create a good relationship of cooperation and trust.

A good professional, for a first visit, in addition to assessing your physical state, you will have many questions to understand what is your style of life and to entrust you with a diet that is easy to support. Very often, especially in the initial phase, it will ask you to keep a food diary. You will be very useful to understand your approach with food. Read here how to keep a food diary.

If to lose weight just the diet, why is it important to do sports? First of all, because it allows us to burn calories and more easily reach the famous caloric deficit necessary to lose weight. But which sport to choose for weight loss? All physical activity is important for weight loss. The advice is to alternate cardio (HIIT, tabata, run or walk...) to the task of toning as the weights.

Regular physical activity will also allow you to shape the body. Remember that there is no localized slimming, but that, to associate the weights to the cardio, in addition to you consume calories, allows you to shape your body. Lose weight with diet alone allows you to reach the weight, but will help you stay with the exact same forms that you have to fat. Tonifichi the muscles will allow you not only to lose weight, but also get a body that is more harmonious and in health. Training the legs of a physical inverted triangle, for example, will create an optical effect that will make the most harmonious whole picture. The classic physical pear will instead benefit from all of those exercises that will define and enhance the upper part of the body.

The practice of sports can also help to speed up the metabolism, improve the general state of health, both physical and psychological.

When you need to diet, it often happens to run into who offers you bibitoni, expensive food plans-based super food is very fashionable, or even slimming pills. I know that the only thing you would want is a help, but often ends up just worsen the situation. Many replacements of the meals are sold via a sales system multilevel marketing staff not qualified to give dietary advice.

An example of that? The world famous HerbaLife! In addition to being rather expensive, it has several side effects. Not to mention the world of sales that we are behind. Read the story of a former seller multilevel marketing to get you a picture of the situation. Be careful! Always remember that there is no food that, if ingested, is capable of burn fat or make you lose weight.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that supplements can be very useful but, as the name says, serve to supplement a deficiency to the certified. Avoid the diy, and take supplements only after consulting a doctor or a pharmacist.

With regard to diet pills or happy with high concentrations of super food, is to say that there are many products that have been marketed with the promise to make you lose weight. Many have, however, been rejected by the Efsa (the european Authority for food safety). Always try to inform you and make an informed choice.

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