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Published on Oct 14, 2018


The founder of the publishing house of the games Chaosium has failed in his home in the california town of Arcata. In the ad it reads, however, that the man died quickly and without pain. Greg Stafford was the author of games of the largest that has ever existed, and the winner of a full series of awards, as well as important source of inspiration for the creators of games like him, influencing greatly the world of board games.


Greg Stafford founded his publishing company Chaosium in the now distant year 1975 in the result of the difficulties in finding a publishing house that published the wargame White Bear and Red Moo, born about a year before. The Chaosium has always had as main goal is not to imitate, but the creation of “games that were original in their style of game, both in content and in design,” to quote the words of the same Stafford.

John Wick (author, among others, of collectible card games like the Legend of The Five Rings role-playing game 7th Sea), said:

The older I get, the more I feel the young designers of Role-playing Games to say: ‘it has never been done before!’, and then I am reminded of something that Greg Stafford has made a few decades ago.

The role of Greg Stafford in the world of Role-playing Games and table games is recognized worldwide as one of the most innovative, if not the most innovative of all time, thanks also to his many interests and passions, just like the mythology, the Legend of King Arthur and shamanism.

Stafford, after having founded the Chaosium in 1975, he left the creature in the ’90s to found a new publishing company, Issaries, but it was returned to its place in the Chaosium in 2015. Among the many games created by him, remember the Role playing Game King Arthur Pendragon (also known simply as Pendragon), and the game system at the base of the table games HeroQuest, which was co-authored with Robin D. Laws.

Source: Chaosium.

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