Died Umberto Eco

Published on Feb 20, 2016

You say, Umberto Eco, and everyone will think of the name of The Rose, the novel's most quoted and less read by three-quarters of italians that have seen the movie. It is not a sentence to resize the one that probably represented the our intellectual the most famous and important of the last 50 years, it is the representation of how much his name and his presence are deeply rooted in our culture, including the most popular.
Find a library of any type, class, and cultural approach to, devoid of that best seller and a choice between The pendulum of Focault and How to make a thesis, it is almost impossible in our Country. As well as, if you talk about television, it is rare that someone has never heard of the Phenomenology of Mike Bongiorno, who, contained in the Journal a minimum, represents one of the few essays modern and finished in the mouth of all (thanks to the notoriety of the character Bongiorno). Eco was and is a necessary step for anyone who chew or have chewed books or culture, with more or less passion.
And it is not only for the worldwide success of the Eighties cult film with the face of Sean Connery, but why Umberto Eco was the gentleman sympathetic to the Culture and knew how to make cute and contemporary craft of the intellectual in the eyes of any audience*, though most learned that adviser, because, with the log of the irony and a communication clear, she knew how to transmit to anyone the passion for the culture, a follower as it was of a principle that has often made him unpopular with the scholars and academicians: the one for which you have to love the culture of the pop(ular) to understand and chew her and our time, for which, lover of an encyclopedic culture and the specialization precise, the culture has never ceased to attend to the high and ‘low’ (tv, comics, etc) is animated first of all by an immense love for the Word and its magic. Eco has made the semiotics something accessible and fun, he has ‘convinced’ the italians, the people of the singers more than the readers, to want to possess and read a tome of over 500 pages; it was one of the founders of the DAMS of Bologna (discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo), which, by the end of the Seventies, it was a natural landing place for those who felt miss the air from the faculty of arts he loved, next to literature, the theatre, the cinema, the music, worthy of an approach as scientific; was among the first to understand the possibilities offered by the internet, as the immense database in which , finally, the concept of literature as the 'Open Work' could express himself better, in a space that could be together with superficial and deep, not in the reading order of pages , spread across multiple temporal planes (memory, topicality, magma in the ferment of ideas), in practice, a labyrinth of words and concepts in which to get lost while having fun and creating something new, including a new encyclopedia (Encyclomedia, a project in which to dive at least once).
His latest project, in the era of e-books, covering the publishing industry: last fall, had left the neo-giant Mondadori-RCS for The ship of Theseus, adventure Elisabetta Sgarbi's aimed at a publishing house funded by the writers, he first (with two million). In short, from here, released his new book, Pape jc local satan at Aleppe, Chronicles of a liquid society, a collection of the pieces out under the heading " The bags of Minerva for the Express in the last 15 years.
In the meantime, for those who want to pay him a last homage, the Echo will be commemorated with a civil ceremony at the Castello Sforzesco, on the 23rd of February.

* even in the moment in which, recently, was used in the same sentence the words social networks and idiots


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