Died Gary Friedrich, co-creator of Ghost Rider


Published on Aug 30, 2018


Tony Isabella has published the following statement on Facebook of Roy Thomas, a friend and colleague for a long time, Friedrich:


“I will not go into details, but I wanted to mention that one of my oldest and dear friends, Gary Friedrich, has passed away last night, to the effects of parkinson's disease, which he had had for several years. That and the almost total hearing loss had left him isolated in the last few years, and his wife Jean cannot see him finally at peace. As many of you know, has done significant work for Marvel in the late ’60's and ’70's, and to Charlton in the ’60s, including a run that is memorable on SGT. FURY, of the periods on CAPTAIN AMERICA, DAREDEVIL, SHIELD, and others, and of course, the creation of the rider, Ghost Rider for Marvel. I knew Gary from when I was in college and he was still in high school, when he came to work at the Palace Theatre of Jackson, MO, and some of my happiest memories of our days together have been in rock band founded by him around 1962 and that has been going on for a couple of years.”

Gary Friedrich was born in Jackson, Missouri, in 1943. To half of years ’60, Thomas, who had gone recently to work in the Big Apple, she contacted her old friend. Friedrich (who was not bound by ties of kinship, Mike Friedrich, another cartoonist of the era), he moved to New York and began to write for the Charlton Comics.

After that, Roy Thomas began to work for Marvel, Stan Lee began to pass on some of his assignments to write to Thomas. In the end, there were too many because Thomas could handle them alone and started to add new writers at Marvel, including Friedrich.

After being one of the writers of the rival company of comics, Atlas/Seaboard Comics, the former owner of Marvel, Martin Goodman launched in 1975, Friedrich left the comics in 1978. He returned in the ’90s, to write Bombast for Topps Comics.

In recent years, Friedrich is back in the limelight for his lawsuit against Marvel in 2007 for the rights and the proceeds on Ghost Rider, case closed in September of 2013 with an agreement.

Died Gary Friedrich, co-creator of Ghost Rider is




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