Published on May 16, 2016

Diecidita? Who is it?
It's the new villain in the run of the Devil written by Soule with art by Garney and colors of Milla.
It's a bad brand new. A former member of the ninja clan the Hand (until she left) and it seems to have stolen their mystical powers. It is a boss in Chinatown, founded the Church of the Hands of the Protectors in order to attract other illegal immigrants of chinese, offering them protection in exchange for their total devotion. His “band”, (full with hands tattooed on the body) you have fun with extortion and murder.

What is most intriguing is that Diecidita asks for federal recognition, in order to gain legitimacy.
It is a church like all the others?

Soule said: “With Diecidita, I want to explore a crime lord that is not intended to be a crime lord as a primary interest. Everything he does is done for a higher good, and so is justifiable. Can steal or kill, it does not matter, it will be the same for a savior”.

I can not and I do not want to tell you another for not ruining what we read and what we live.
The next diavolacci!


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