Die with style, the fake spot, Prada becomes viral on the web (VIDEO)

Published on May 05, 2016

Seems to be in everything and for everything a new commercial signed by the famous luxury brand Prada. Yet, going forward in the vision of the short movie, we immediately realize that something does not go as it should go. There are a man and a woman, their eyes meet in the lobby of a building in the middle of a party. She is facing to the upper floor, he is looking at her from the bottom. All regular, until the woman falls from the stairs, ending up at the feet of the guests, terrified for the sad incident. She dies on the blow. A few seconds and out comes a bag by dead matte black that shows up well in evidence the written Prada on one side. It seems that the last wish of the woman, which appears already in the life of a character class, the wealthy, and in step with the fashion, was to be wrapped in a bag in the dead particular. A luxury. The last bag you'll ever need says a voice outside.

The fake spot, Prada, that has nothing to do with the brand, is the result of the genius of three youtubers americans. They are the Kloons, i.e. Mitch Lewis, Greg Washburn and Nik Kazoura, three friends who met on the first day of classes at the University of California and since then they have become the namesake trio. Their channel has than 222,000 members and this week's video, Prada Body Bag, has all the cards in rule to become viral. Perhaps it is not true that the dead are all equal, the rich and the poor.

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