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Published on Oct 07, 2019


Arrives in Italy the new cartoon created by the brilliant Robert Kirkman, along with Scott M. Gimple. The creator of The Walking Dead you are dealing with all kinds of possible and imaginable, and this time he decided to give life to a story that mixes the action with the political cospirativo. The result is an interesting product, but that is not centered in the middle of the target.

The story at the center of the Die!Die!Die! has as protagonists three twin brothers: George, Paul and John play the role of professional killers hired by the american Government. And in Washington there are people like senator Connie Lipshitz and senator Barnaby Smith. The two will be at the centre of an internal strife that will put into play the balance of social and political of the United States, and the lives of many people.

Robert Kirkman, this time seeking to mix Mission: Impossible " with House of Cards, giving life to an intriguing story but one that fails to express the best nor of the one nor of the other gender. The political intrigues are interesting, and leave room for quite a bit of trouble which is shown, between the secret societies devoted to the orgies, and the mysteries hidden in the desks of powerful men.

All this, however, is dulled by a plot that also must give space to the action, which is well-represented and narrated, but which must coexist in a balance between genres that does not meet in full.

Also, the narration of Kirkman in Die! Die! Die! appears to be at times a little too full of captions and balloons that weigh down the balloon and make it, in some cases, excessively verbose. Certainly, the coexistence with another author, what is Scott M. Gimple, has not generated a narrative uniform and completely smooth.

But the ability to Kirkman there is, however, less, and stands out for the characterization of the characters really intriguing. On all stand out the senator Connie Lipshitz and senator Barnaby Smith, two persons marked by life events that have brought them to hand-to-hand to be consumed, and to live for ephemeral pleasures, in search of a supremacy unattainable.

The drawings of the Die!Die!Die! reflect the type of story told, and are characterized by a stretch of dirt that highlights even more the atmosphere of the comic.

This is another interesting product churned out by the author of the Image Comics, which is continually producing new ideas. Robert Kirkman is certainly one of the most prolific authors, the designers, and the original of the last twenty years, and his creations are less brilliant turn out to be more interesting than many productions of mainstream american comics.

Another great skill of Kirkman is that of being able to communicate in a easy way the two media like the comics and the screen. Every product that Kirkman seems to perfect to be adapted for the big or small screen, and under this point of view also Die!Die!Die! is no exception.

A television series dedicated to this comic would be able to pull out even more ideas and not enough depth in the more than two hundred pages of story. Also because of the inspiration of the author of Kentucky are many of them (see, for example, a quote in Eyes wide Shut), and the ability to go further, perhaps on a means of communication different, it would be rather intriguing.

In short, with Robert Kirkman does not throw ever anything away. And Die!Die!Die! is a comic intriguing pulled out by the creator of The Walking Dead.

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