Devilman crybaby: revealed the new trailer, poster and release date of the series Netflix


Published on Nov 22, 2017


The official web page of Devilman crybaby, the animated series inspired by the manga Devilman by the master Go Nagai (one of which has been announced a new japanese edition), has published a new trailer of the anime, and it has also unveiled the new manifesto and the date of circulation on Netflix.

The animated series will be available from 5 January 2018 at the same time in 190 countries of the world, dubbed in 9 different languages and subtitled in 25.

Below is the new poster:

To follow the third promotional video, accompanied by the notes of the song “MAN HUMAN” by Denki Groove (ge ge ge no Kitaro):

Devilman crybaby tells the story of how the main character Akira Fudo learns from his best friend Ryo Asuka that the demons will be born, and they will claim the world. Because humans have no hope against the power of demons, Ryo suggests merging with a demon: Akira becomes Devilman, a being with the strength of a demon and the heart of a man.

The anime is directed by Masaaki Yuasa (the director, known for the feature film Mind Game and the tv series The Tatami Galaxy and Ping Pong the Animation) at his studio Science SARU on the scripts put forth by Ichiro Okouchi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Valvrave the Liberator); Eunyoung Choi (Casshern Sins, Space Dandy) is the producer of the animation, Aniplex, and Dynamic Planning of the producers of the project.

Source: ANN

Devilman crybaby: revealed the new trailer, poster and release date of the series, Netflix is




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