Detox diet, really works? The whole truth


Published on Apr 12, 2018


Detox: lately there has been an explosion of diets, drinks, detox foods and burns fat. But what exactly are they? And, most importantly, do they work?

The success that we have achieved lasts for a long time now but, there is to say, that it is a big issue in a manner consistent (and insistent) immediately after the holidays. Who knows why? Regularly popping up like snails after the rain in the spring and aim to make you feel guilty. But guilt for what? The panettone for Christmas? The easter dove? The grandma's lasagna? It seems that the solution to lose weight and purify the body, necessarily a strong sense of guilt and need drinks detox or food purification. But really work? There are foods that can sweep away the guilt and toxins from our body?

The fashion of hiring bibitoni and foods detox , along with the idea that there are foods fat burning that help you lose weight and detoxify our body from harmful substances, it takes more and more foot. The detox diet was born, therefore, the aim of purifying the body from excess food. A way that seems healthy. But it is all gold that glitters?

The reality is that diets detox are hiding a side rather unfair: they present themselves as a something healthy that can clean up your body and as a quick way for you to achieve aesthetic results and also health. But all the doctors say with absolute certainty that our body is perfectly capable of detoxing itself.

The first and important clarification to make is, therefore, that the detox diet is not a quick solution and suitable for a healthy lifestyle: often those who choose it ends to alternate periods of fashion mistakes food drink detox the repair. But what allows the body to cleanse is really a healthy life-style brought forward in time. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and with the right amount of the fiber, do regular physical activity... this will allow you to have a body healthy and able to cope with any days I slip.

Are blowing up everywhere! The herbal tea detox have slogans, eye-catching and promise on all social delete in one swig all the revelry food. I bet that you have seen a lot of advertising tea weight loss or herbal magic! Of course, are always advertised by the girls are super fit, stylish and beautiful!

But they work or are they an unnecessary expense? We start from an assumption: the teas have good effects on our health:

“Very good, say to you, I run to talk to buy them,” Wait!

In all weight-loss diets, but not only, you are advised to drink plenty of water. Remember, however, that even too much water can have negative effects! And, as a consequence, the excessive consumption of herbal teas can create problems. Don't forget that this natural herbs that still contain active substances whose excessive consumption can be dangerous. In short, natural is not always synonymous with universally valid.

Another very important thing to note: we have said that the herbal teas can really help. In trade, however, there are many prepared or a mix of that promise miracles, of course, in exchange for a nice bit of money. Always keep in mind that a herbal tea will never do miracles! Associated with diet, and sports can give a help, but never remedy to a lifestyle that is uncertain. In reality, very often these products are often expensive in that they seem to not contain much of detoxifying: up to now no manufacturer has been able to specify, scientifically, what are these miraculous ingredients. Not to mention the price! The council is to go to a herbalist and get a custom mix on your own needs.

The inconvenient truth is that there is no food magic or beverages that alone will allow you to lose weight or detoxify your body. There are no shortcuts! Instead, it is necessary to change their eating habits and their life style.

In short, to stay really well it is necessary to adopt a proper life-style. Beginning with love for yourself. Not to fall into the vortex of the ambiguous advertising of slimming products that you want to make you feel dirty and in need of purification. The principle on which is based the detox diet is this: The principle of detox diet is this: push people to feel intoxicated and in need of cleaning.

Detox could be translated in Italian with the word “detoxification”, with reference to the need to eliminate toxic substances accumulated in our body. Purification is really important, but you have to do it while avoiding the scams that are potentially harmful. It is not enough to use for certain times natural products to be in shape and in health. The only viable way is the one made of the right nutrition and correct lifestyle.

All the doctors agreed on one thing: the true and only treatment is detoxifying, it is a serious practice that, when applied to persons with addiction problems (alcohol, medicines or drugs). The rest are just fads or trends created in the art to exploit the meaning of words and create false hopes for the sole purpose of profit.

In conclusion? The only thing that you need to purify is the moral blackmail and exploitation put in place by those who sell false hopes.


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