Detective Pikachu: the first reactions to the film


Published on Apr 25, 2019


The 2019 is not only the year of Avengers: Endgame, but also that of the arrival of the first live-action Pokemon in the halls. After a long wait, the press USA has been able to finally see the Detective Pikachu, entrusting to social their first impressions: the film, Letterman will be at the height of the expectations?


It's a hit for #DetectivePikachu. Pokemon fans new & old will rejoice in this heartfelt and authentic take on the franchise. @Legendary and @wbpictures have nailed this live-action adaptation. I laughed hard and felt my heart swell. This Pokemon movie is just the start!

— Megan Peters (@meganpeterscb) April 24, 2019

“Success for Detective Pikachu. New and old fans of Pokemon will be pleased with this reproduction is faithful to the spirit of the franchise. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have done the centre with this adaptation, a live-action. I laughed so hard and I felt a huge emotion. This movie, Pokemon is only the beginning!”


#DetectivePikachu is a pure joy from start to finish. It's a heartfelt, by relentlessly equating charming story filled with excellent worldbuilding. Plenty of deep cuts for #Pokémon fans. There must''ve been a grass-type in the theater because I got surprisingly misty-eyed in parts.

— Dan Casey (@DanCasey) April 24, 2019

“Detective Pikachu is pure joy, from the beginning to the end of the film. It is a story full of heart, charming in a world built very well. Full of freebies for the fan of Pokemon. In the room, then, there must be some Grass-type because I unexpectedly found myself with watery eyes.”

“The story is very sweet, with many twists and scenes that are unpredictable. The actors were all very good and the shades of noir-the ironic, to have brought the film to suggest the tone.”


Detective Pikachu is adorably funny & takes you deep into the world of Pokemon, which every Pokemon fan will appreciate. The nostalgia is real. #DetectivePikachu will have you laughing & tearing up a bit too. Ryan Reynolds & Justice Smith are golden in this. #PikaPika

— The Nerds of Color (@TheNerdsofColor) April 24, 2019

“Detective Pikachu is fun in a way adorable and takes viewers in the full of the world of Pokemon in a way that any fan will appreciate. The nostalgia feels, but the movie will make you laugh, and Ryan Reynolds, and Justice Smith, in this, they were perfect”.


Of 1 to 10 I place a “qué fantasía” #DetectivePikachu. Todo es muy adorable y está llena de referencias a los juegos y el anime.

— Luis Del Valle (@LGKING) April 24, 2019

“From 1 to 10, and I've judged with that fantasy!’ Detective Pikachu. It's all very adorable and full of references to anime and video games”.

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