Detective Pikachu: revealed to be the villain, ready to a spin-off?


Published on Jan 16, 2019


As we know, Pokemon Detective Pikachu will be the first live-action franchise where the little mouse electric, instead of to fight against the other Pokemon, as usual, goes around solving mysteries. Now, according to what reported by the website the WGC, we also know what will be the biggest threat for the intrepid Pikachu. In the meantime, the same WGC reports that Warner Bros. has already prepared a possible spin-off if the movie had success.


According to what was reported, therefore, the villain of the movie will be Mewtwo, controlled once again by an evil human. The references to the first animated film of the franchise are, therefore, obvious: we'll see, however, as Mewtwo will be on the road to Pikachu, and his human friend.

This is the first trailer of the film, with Charizard in one version of the impressive and frightening:

This is the official synopsis:

“The story begins Harry Goodman mysteriously disappears” reads the synopsis.”and to help in the investigations is the ex-boyfriend of Harry, the Pokemon Detective Pikachu: adorable super-detective overly wise, exuberant, surprising constantly even if the same. Together with Pikachu, there's Tim, who becomes a partner after some hesitation and after I found out that it is able to communicate with the Pokemon, throwing himself in an electrifying adventure, a journey to the mystery is very intricate. In a city full of neon lights as Ryme City, where humans and Pokémon live together in a world of hyper-realistic fact of action, the two meet different Pokémon, and discover the shocking events that could destroy the peaceful co-existence between the two worlds and threaten the entire Pokémon universe”.

According to what emerges, therefore, the spectators will find themselves in the usual world of Pokemon, in a situation that evokes the traditional yellow, promising lots of action and fun. Confirmed, therefore, as suggested by the game, and to many other Pokemon involved in the plot (in the videogame, present, Aipom, Glalie, and Gengar, Mewtwo, and many others, besides Charizard of course).

The host of the annual World Championships of the Pokemon video games and cards in Nashville, the director Rob Letterman has previously had the opportunity to talk about the movie:

“It's a fantastic story, it is an emotion to direct the first live-action of a franchise so great, The Pokemon Company has done a lot of things in these years, just joined this world and I fell in love immediately. I think it was a good idea to do this film, fans will find many of their favorite items,” the words to IGN, with the director which also makes a comparison with the Guardians of the Galaxy “Pikachu is really real, as well as Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy, seems to be really there and not computer-made. We have people who have worked with the saga Marvel, the other with The Jungle Book or Fantastic Animals. Technically, the visual effects are among the most sophisticated in the world, it is all very realistic.”

The protagonist, of course, the historical face of the franchise, Pikachu, but as we know there will be space in the film for the other Pokemon: “I work closely with The Pokemon Company and Game Freak, all the production team has thought a lot about how to put the most number of Pokemon in the movie, also including the developments, trying not to narrow the field to only the fan favorite. We had only to choose which lent themselves best to the visual effects and the plot”.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu, directed by Rob Letterman, starring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of detective Pikachu, Justice Smith(Tim Goodman), Kathryn Newton ( Lucy Stevens), Ken Watanabe (detective Yoshida), Bill Nighy, Suki Waterhouse, Chris Geere, Rita Ora, and Omar Chaparro. The distribution throughout the world was entrusted by Warner Bros. Pictures (which should therefore replace Universal), while Toho remains the distributor for Japan.

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