Detective Conan, the new break for the manga


Published on Sep 16, 2018


The series of the master Gosho Aoyama, published by Edizioni Star Comics in Italy, is in course of serialization on the Shonen Sunday since 1994.

After the chapter 1021, to be published on 19 September 2018 on the pages of the number 43 of the magazine " Weekly Shonen Sunday di Shogakukan the manga series Detective Conan (Case closed) by Gosho Aoyama will stop for a couple of months: the serialization will resume on the 28th of November next within the number 53 of the magazine.

In its place, as the programme of new chapters of the spin-off Case closed Zero no Tea Time of Takahiro Arai (Darren Shan, Arago) from number 44 on the Sunday which will be on sale from September 26.

In Japan, Detective Conan is in course of publication on Sunday since 1994, and the volume 95 is planned for the 18th of October, the same day of the release of volume 2 of the spin-off Zero no Tea Time and 3 of the other manga-derived Hannin no Hanzawa-san Mayuko Kanba.

In Italy the series is published by Edizioni Star Comics; volume 94, with the beginning of the saga of a School Trip, and Scarlet, of the upcoming anime adaptation, was released last July on newsstands and comic book store.

Source: Okachi

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