Detective Conan, the manga is still firm


Published on May 08, 2019


The number 23 of the magazine " Weekly Shonen Sunday di Shogakukan informed readers that Gosho Aoyama will take a month break from his Detective Conan to conduct research.

The series, which was already stopped for a month between January and February and between March and April, they will stop you from number 24 to number 27 of the weekly manga for boys.

Remember that when Detective Conan will pause, its place is taken by the spin-off of Detective Conan: Zero''s Tea Time is dedicated to Movies.

Finally, we mention that on the 25th of May next, on number 7, Shonen Sunday's debut in the manga, taken from the film Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer, by Yutaka Abe and Jiro Maruden.

In Japan, Detective Conan is published from 1994; Italy is in progress for Edizioni Star Comics:

Shinichi Kudo is a smart high school student skilled in to solve any puzzle or murder case, also the most complex. One day is captured by the mysterious men in black and is forced to drink a strange medicine that transforms him into a child in primary school... From that moment on was to become Conan, the small, the most famous detective of Japan!


Detective Conan, the manga is still firm is




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