Detective Conan, the manga is still firm


Published on Jan 09, 2019


The sixth issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday has announced that the manga series Detective Conan di Gosho Aoyama take four weeks off, so that the author can carry out searches of documentation for the work.

The series, which has experienced a disruption similar between September and November, will not be then this numbers 7 – 10 of the weekly magazine for boys published by Shogakukan; the recovery is supposed to be at number 11. In its place, as usual now, the spin-off dedicated to Toru Amuro.

In Japan, Detective Conan is in course of publication on Sunday since 1994, and currently consists of 95 volumes; in Italy it is published by Editions Star Comics (94 volumes at the moment), which in March will publish the special volume Detective Conan Soccer Selection.

Shinichi Kudo is a smart high school student skilled in to solve any puzzle or murder case, also the most complex. One day is captured by the mysterious men in black and is forced to drink a strange medicine that transforms him into a child in primary school... From that moment on was to become Conan, the small, the most famous detective of Japan!

Source: ANN

Detective Conan, the manga is still firm is




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