Destiny 2 – The undertaking In Listening, you complete the Raid The Leviathan?


Published on Sep 13, 2017


As has often happened in the occasion of the king of The Corrupt, and the Lords of The Iron expansions, in part, revolutionized the original concept of Destiny, in the second chapter, there are countless secrets to be discovered.

Among these there is certainly the Company that Listens, that can be dropped during any event the public against the Cabal (for the moment confirmed the drop on Nessus and Dead Zone in the Eu). This Company, which was acquired inside the group of destructive weapons, is naturally divided into phases. The first of these reads as follows:

“Back on Nessus to retrieve the digit-communications by the troops of the Legion Red.”

To complete this step, just proceed on the small planet and deal with the public event dedicated to the Cabal and to the mining more times, until the enemies will not issue, in a completely random way, 5 digit-communications. At the end of the collection, however, there is no new phase, if not an enigmatic phrase that tells us to wait for the Devour-worlds.

The thought of all of it is gone, of course, the eagerly-awaited Foray in The Leviathan, which will be introduced in the day today on Destiny 2. The Leviathan, in fact, according to the artwork, and the clues scattered throughout the game, is a kind of giant machine that can absorb the worlds, and so it is definitely plausible to think that, thanks to the Incursion, we will be able in some way to continue in business and to be able to discover what's behind it, after days and days of research.

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