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Published on Sep 29, 2019


Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is to come, and with it the edition free-to-play of Destiny 2, call New Light. Have been released, many additional content for Destiny 2 (here you can find my recent review of the base game) when the title was published in 2017 in the form of expansions of the campaign, more modes for multiplayer and events, which may have generated a bit of confusion about what exactly is included in the free version of the game and what instead can only be acquired for a fee.

To clarify exactly what are the contents that will be available in the free version of Destiny 2, Bungie has published a useful infographic that describes in detail everything that will be included in Destiny 2: A New Light:

In addition, to avoid disparity between old and new players, all those who will log on to Destiny 2: A New Light will radiate directly from the Power Level 750.

With regard to all of the content that will be available in the fourth add-on content for a fee Shadowkeep, Bungie has released another infographic that summarizes all the details:

In particular, starting from October 1, purchasing only the expansion Shadowkeep together to the same will be included with the base game Destiny 2. In addition, it will include all the content in the expansion, and the first season pass in the Standard version of Shadowkeep, while if you buy the Deluxe edition of inside will be including all 4 season Passes, which include all of the content planned for the title until the end of the Year 3.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and A New Light will be published on 1 October and will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4, when the game will go from Steam. If you are already players of Destiny 2, we finally, we recommend you transfer your account before that date using the feature cross-save to avoid losing your game progress. You can do so by going directly to the official website of Bungie.

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