Destiny 2: found a cave, and the farming unlimited, server maintenance


Published on Sep 12, 2017


Even today, a lot of news on Destiny 2! Let's start with the cave farming infinite: this area is not too extensive, is situated on Nessus, and may also be only the first of many similar places in Destiny 2.

From the Exodus Black Landing Areas, you will need to go to the right, and it will be already possible to see a cave in the area; in the first room, you will find a treasure chest that, once opened, will start a countdown of 60 seconds; from here, you will need to go in the teleport and continue until on the screen, to the left, does not appear the name of the area where you'll be, or Chamber of the Sky. Once done, simply go back and repeat the procedure:

It is a simple method in order to accumulate experience and raise your Level of Power, because, as he announced on Twitter that Luke Smith, the director of Destiny 2,

The first Raid of Destiny 2 has a range of Power 260-280.

In addition, Bungie has also announced that today, the servers of Destiny will be offline for a maintenance, which will begin at 16:00 and last until 20:00 starting from 16:00, do not know can log in, while those who will be in the game at that time will receive a warning, before being removed by 17:00.

Destiny 2 is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while a version of the title on PC will be published next October 24.

Source: the CB, EG, IGN.

Destiny 2: found a cave, and the farming unlimited, server maintenance is




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