Desktop charging? We tried a HUB from 90W to Tronsmart


Published on Feb 09, 2018


In the world of charging from the table there are many different solutions. Among the various products, we chose to try one of Tronsmart 5 doors and 90W. We find out our impressions below.

The desktop charger Tronsmart Titan Plus, which we tested offers charging Quick Charge 3.0 and the technology VoltiQ in all 5 doors to provide a charging rate optimal for all the devices connected. It is, therefore, a product quite versatile in that it manages to be universal and charge a variety of types of devices.

The HUB Tronsmart for desktop charging can provide up to 2.4 A of current to 5V using technology VoltiQ, as well as a maximum output of 18W on all the doors during the use of the standard Quick Charge 3.0.

As for security, the device is certified and integrates a multi-layered protection to ensure the stability of the charging process.

The design of the product is not really a sample but defends itself well, thanks to the specific techniques. In fact, both lines and size, the product is not very compact and takes up a bit more space than expected. Comfortable however the rear button to turn on and turn off the product without necessarily having to remove and connect the wall outlet.

Below are some of the technical specifications of the HUB to the charger:

In conclusion, the charge went very well with all tested devices, including the new iPhone, some Android devices with the technology Quick Charge and some accessories such as speakers and external batteries to recharge. The product has not shown signs of uncertainty and even problems in charging, which was rather stable.

If you are interested, this charger costs 30,99€ on Amazon. We found ourselves well, but we know that there are many competing products from which to choose. We must carefully consider the personal needs.

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