Desculpe los Pronosticos – S03E07


Published on Oct 18, 2019


The seventh episode of the third season of Sorry for the Prediction, the podcast of the Huddle Magazine dedicated to the predictions of the matches, the NFL, based on the odds of bookmakers, it is dedicated to the pride month hispanic, then turns into Desculpe los Pronosticos!

Our lighthouse guide will be the shares of the Caesar Palace published on ESPN, and play-by-play, we will denote our bet, and indeed our challenge, because one of the guests tell her and in the end will be the majority of those present to decide.
Of course we hope to do better than those who did not want to have to predict a Soldier, King, and D'artagnan to bet on Antonello da Messina, as our acronym suggests.

Pay attention to the bold predictions in the final part of the podcast!

Coordinated by John Hooks have to predict there are Giorgio Prunotto, Marco Santini, Mauro Rizzotto, Emanuele Sortino and Raffaele Tortora more pizzini Alessio Salerio.

*By the forecasts is excluded the TNF, while the Steelers, Browns, Panthers and Buccaneers are on bye week

For Caesar Palace the Titans are the favourites but they must win with at least 3 points, while the threshold of the marked points is 40.5, therefore, over if the two teams they will score more, under if you will score less. Join in by indicating in the comments your prediction: the winning team and the over or the under.

Use the same name (one in English please) in the table to make easier the count of the values.

1) Titans – Over > if you believe that Tennessee will win with more than 2 points and will be scored more than 40 points total.

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