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Published on Nov 04, 2017


Continue the journey in the space of the small bot Tim-21 in search of his young master Andy, spaced from the adventures of his traveling companions, dr. Quon and the captain Telsa.

This fourth volume, published in Italy by Bao Publishing, is filled with the changes of the narrative and turning points in the plot.

After three volumes of presentation and knowledge of the various characters, in Mechanics “Orbital” you unlock the events of a narrative and we enter into the heart of the story. Action, suspense, betrayal, courage, friendship, love: the many elements contained in 120 pages of explosive that you read frantically. Once started, it is almost impossible to close this fourth volume without having first finished. Once finished, it is almost impossible to stay in waiting of the fifth.

We had left Tim-21, and Tim-22 to fight on the Mechanical Moon, while in another part of the universe, on the planet Sampson, the gnishiani made out of almost all semi-human. Andy and Effie coming up with a way to escape the planet, avoiding the impending danger, together with the Auger and Tullis. In the meantime, dr. Quon and the captain Telsa manage to escape from forced quarantine by the bot and begin to search for a way to get away from them.

Deadlifts video clips, long the time of a blink of the eye, follow one another within the individual tables of the initial, paced with a perfect rhythm as in a song. Each table contains three/four vignettes horizontal, which indicate the simultaneity of the actions of all the protagonists of the story, all observable at the same time with only one eye. The images are so evocative and eloquent that the words are even unnecessary: in fact, many of those cartoons are without a balloon. The strength of movements, swift and sinuous, ago jump to the eye a message in a contrasting, splashed, and “swaying”. You climb, you descend, breathe in and hold the breath all the way along the 120 pages of the register: in fact the twists are many, some of these cleverly intavolati and not too discounted.

Justice affects everyone, both in the robotic than human, a little like rain. But in the case of the Descender, the hand that does the work is always different and never of the divine nature, but of a material nature. Auger – killer will find the atonement of his sins by one of the characters, find out which.
As opposed to the hand of justice, we find the dark face of deception, the one that hit in the back without notice, the one that masquerades as the right to then reveal itself at the last second. The deception is revealed to the protagonists in the two contexts are completely different, and opposing, re-evaluating the concept of good and evil and giving to the reader the task is to guess what are the real intentions of the CGU.

The humanity of the bot described by Jeff Lemire is almost unsettling. During the reading, there is often forgotten is that the two Tim's are robots. The emotions that the bot live are so strong that they affect the player, also thanks to the visual support of the watercolours painted by Nguyen. The strokes, soft gentle faces of the steel, creating a play of light and blurry reflections typical of human faces.

The friendship, also, becomes a feeling that goes beyond a simple wireless connection. The tender relationship between the Tim-21 and the Bandit, “the dog” bot, it creates an additional channel for link to bring the two “brothers”, Tim and Andy, the much-awaited meeting, and now the next. Between all the sensations that can try a robot, still remains a mystery on how this is possible, the size of the dream in the mind of a bot, specifically on that of Tim-21. The solution seems to be getting closer, as well as the connection of Tim to the Reapers, cruel robot destroyers reappeared from the depths of space.

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