Descender Vol. 6 – The War Machines, the series finale | Review


Published on Jan 12, 2019


We followed the adventures of little Tim-21, the intelligent and emotional little android companion created by Quon; the large robot, Auger, with its history of disastrous and exciting; Andy, the ex-master of the Tim-21, near in the return to the embrace of his old robot; the rebellion of the robots, gathered in the Wired under the command of Psius; now everything is about to come closer to the word “End”. Or maybe not?

The fifth volume of the Descender ends with the appearance of a mysterious dr. Solomon, and of a strange character that is going to unravel the tangle of questions scattered along the series. Four thousand years before the events of the Descender on the planet Ostrakon, the Master Professor Osris, and the assistant Telik start with one ship at a time of infinite space, in search of other life forms on other planets.

Suddenly, a giant robot similar to a Reaper (already seen on the first volume) calls on the ship to come with him to another dimension, light years away from Ostrakon. From here, Osris, and Telik land on a planet in the pacific, inhabited and ruled by only robots who have eliminated the slavery of the robots from the “beings made of flesh soft. The two scientists are studying in detail the breed of androids, bringing on the Ostrakon the results of the studies and applying them to the new robot in the next ten years.

But Osris exaggerate, and does not respect his new robot, and to reduce them to slavery. The androids of the planet unknown, they put it to the test to control the use that he made of his analysis: not having given the proper respect to the robot created, the race of androids, by using a Harvester, destroys Ostrakon. The Master Professor he manages to escape with his new creature robotics, which has the same code of the androids and from whom comes the Tim-21. Four thousand years later, following the revolt of the robots, the fate of the androids, living beings, rottamatori and the old gods is going to be defined, thanks to the actions of Tim-21.


Jeff Lemire is unable to resist the call of his own creature, a literary and fails, to abandon it to a very simple final. Playing with his readers, takes the plot, to be inserted into a whirlwind of unexpected events, and, in the span of 150 pages, it distorts the original idea of “the End” and reinvents it, creating a breath of fresh air to new horizons in narrative. Tim-21 is an artificial intelligence that is very reminiscent of the blond David of A. I., with more humanity than all of humanity put together.

The key to quell the revolt of the robots finds itself having to converse with the Descender, the offspring of the alien completely robotic that is new to the test of humanity, before their final decision. The dialogues of Lemire touch the heart: the exchange of words between Tim-21 and the Descender are a small diplomatic battle which returns confidence in those living beings, which cleans the eyes of a man by the fumes of the war and gives a glimmer of hope towards a science-fiction less apocalyptic.

An exploit of pastel colors shines in the universe, drawn by Dustin Nguyen, that in this last number does not save in the have fun with the colors, creating spectacular and impressive double splash page. It starts with a flashback, with a predominance of pink, blue and white, and then culminate with purple tones, black and blue, recalling the agorafobica cover, able to catapult the player to the encounter of the universes new and still undefined, such as those that we find in the next few months in the “sequel” Ascender.

Descender Vol. 6 – The War Machines, the series finale | Review of




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